VOTING / ENTRIES - Amadai's Build Challenge (Vote for Chance to Win an Iron Voucher!)

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  1. The building contest is closed!
    See the entries -here-.

    Voting for the contest winners is now open!
    Voters will have a chance to win an iron voucher
    Please only vote once (no alts).
    Anyone voting multiple times will have their votes disqualified!

    To all the entrants: amazing job. I've seen all kinds of incredible builds, everywhere from adorable to breathtaking. Thank you all for entering, and congrats on the amazing work!

  2. Voted!
    Man that was hard to pick!!
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  3. Voted and yeah some tuff choices.
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  4. >.< Omg there were so many good ones! I wish the best of luck to all participating! Such hard choices but I had to pick!
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  5. "Adorable to Breathtaking"
    I feel like I know which one shes calling adorable
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  6. bump : )
  7. mornin' bump
  8. Yeah, if you could all just stop being 5000x better than me at building, that would be great.
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  9. So many nice builds ._.
    To hard to vote.
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  10. vote mine of course :p
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  11. Voted
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  12. Nah to clesha
  13. Psh :p
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  15. Wow. Some of these builds are amazing.
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  16. bumping -- I'll be closing this this Wednesday night.
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  17. Voted. Had to do some narrowing down. Lots of wonderful builds to choose from!
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  18. Closing this later tonight, get your votes in~