Voters shovel (unbreakable) warranty claim, not so unbreakable ? :)

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by VoxelRay, Aug 24, 2014.

  1. Uhmm i have a unbreakable voters shovel. very happy... :cool:
    But, not sure if its unbreakable, because the damage bar is already at 55%. Whats going on ?
    I want a unbreakable voters shovel where the bar dont appear. like you see with other voter items
  2. Try moving it to a different place in your inventory or something, it'll repair eventually, don't worry. When it doesn't repair when you click it, just wait a little bit or relog.
  3. right click while holding it
  4. That's is just a Minecraft bug. Just put it in a chest or relog to fix it.
  5. AHa, intressting. you need todo that everytime or loseing it ? Thanks.
  6. It is just client-side. The server never lets the shovel take any damage - just looks like it.
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  7. WHOOPS :confused:

    The unbreakable voteing shovel did broke. just in front of me. forgot the click right.
    I need a new one. This is really terrible. :( where can i claim a new one ?

    Ok, at the RELOG department. if you relog the shovel comes back. pfffuu. :eek::cool:
  8. you can right click after it breaks or try to put something in the slot it was in to make it reappear
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  9. Uh, did you relog? It'll come back I think...
  10. Yes, it comes back after relog.:)
  11. If it breaks and you don't want to reconnect, just press E and try to pick up the invisible shovel and it'll reappear.