Voter's Shovel Glitch

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  1. Well, I finally got my voter's shovel. The first thing you would do is dig right? That's exactly what I did. When I looked at the sprite in my hotbar, I noticed the durability meter. And sure enough, when I checked it out, it took damage. Can someone please tell me if this is a glitch or if it's still unbreakable.
    Click HERE for an image.
  2. The items show that they take durability but they actually dont. Pop it into your vault, move slots, or dc/rc and it should reset it's durability.
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  3. click on the item and it will refresh. its a client glitch we cant fix.
  4. They take durability, But when you want to drop it, it goes back to 100 durability.
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  5. Just click on it and it should repair, even if it breaks if you click on the slot it will pop back.
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  6. Right clicking while having the item equip will reset the durability...
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  7. Also, don't panic if it breaks and vanishes from your inventory. Just click on the empty spot and it will reappear.
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  8. You could help it by adding Unbreaking III to the item, though.
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  9. Hmm, I guess there is a possibility that the client will wait for the server the respond if the item has unbreaking.

    would have to test if that helps. or better yet, simply set the unbreakable vanilla attribute... which would tell the client its unbreakable.
  10. Well, with unbreaking I thought it would maybe take a little longer before the shovel/tool actually "breaks". If possible, indeed a completely unbreakable thing would be better.
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  11. You can hold down both left and right mouse buttons when using it and it wont take any damage.
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