Voter's Enchanting Table

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Should this be a thing?

Yes 7 vote(s) 53.8%
No (state why in a reply) 6 vote(s) 46.2%
    • can be used without placing
    • level 30 enchantments
    • rewarded at vote streak 364
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  1. honestly i dont get the point because 1 i dont see it being used that much and would probably would be alot of devolvement time
  2. This sounds kind of OP. Make it so that it costs some rupees/use.
  3. There's already the effort to vote for a year straight before getting it.. lol
  4. I think maybe there should be a special enchantment table that you get and you can use 45 levels to enchant instead of 30, this will use 2 more bookshelves and give better enchants, anyone agree?
  5. The way 1.7.10 is set up u can't go over lv 30 and if u could they would give same enchants as lv 30
  6. also in 1.8 you do level 30 enchants but it only cost 3 levels
  7. When I say better enchants I meant a higher risk of getting better enchants
  8. I say yes, but there are a few things I would take into account. 1 would be what levels could the enchantment table get to? Enchantment tables get better the more bookshelves are around them. So maybe the Voter's Enchantment Table gets stronger the more bookshelves there are nearby upon use? Or maybe it just gets lvl30 enchantments immediately upon use? I agree that it should be 364. I think this would be fine. I am always in favor of new Voter's items haha. I love collecting them. :)