Voters (235+) UNITE to help the Empire!

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  1. Hi gang!

    Disclaimer: My weekend has started, I enjoy a nice Friday evening and well, there be dwagons.. rants! there might be a rant :)

    Good news! => Aikar & Krysyy decided that the Empire will skip 1.10 (nuuu, my favorite version right now, lol! :D) and will immediately move to 1.11.

    Bad news! => This also (probably!) means that the waste reset gets postponed a bit. And that will very likely disappoint some players.

    And this is where I think us voters can help out the Empire.

    Small rant: I love my voters gear, I honestly do, but I cannot help feel a bit "cheaty" when I'm using it. I know I earned it, I voted for 600+ days straight already and even got my alter-ego's to join in as well, but that's not the point. Honestly: My voters gear is one of the driving forces behind me something helping or doing stuff for no reason (and no reward). Oh, you're digging out your residence and you can provide tools? Guess what: while you're repairing and mending I'll continue digging and we'll see who does the most :D).

    I love my voter tools, I fully rely on them, but they also drive me to help out more. Momentus? Ok, you stay right there, let me get this bed and dream about nice rewards and then I'll die a dozens times but Momo will be out of your way soonish and I will still have my gear.

    Enough with the rants....

    Voters: Let's make some mines!

    I want to try and organize a tunnel dig. Several of them if possible. Maybe 9 of them! Of course it needs to be fun, but the main idea is to make a huge (lit up and all) tunnel which other players can then use to safely mine in.

    If you want an example of this idea please head out to /smp2: /waste s. Go down the ladder and into the tunnel. I dug that one out myself "because I could" and I'm very proud to say that several players are actually using this AND (more important): also getting some good loot too!

    My idea: players go into the tunnel, grab their horse and before you know they'll be 1000 blocks out and can mine out new pristine lands without the risk of hostile mobs. That should compensate a bit for the delayed waste reset.

    And I want to do this on several SMP's if possible.

    Lets team up!

    Are you a 235+ streak voter? Do you have the armor and diamond tools (or maybe you bought them, we won't hold it against you but we will charge a fee of 3 shulker boxes made payable to GripCEO) WILL you stop taking over my keyboard? :D

    Anyway, my idea is to organize a voters event. A big horizontal dig of some sort: we'll be mining out a large area (4 x 3 tunnel at least), this will gain us plenty of rewards (ores) and will open up a safe area which others can then use to mine their own stuff.

    Players helping players.

    Who is up for this?!

    Lets bring out those die-hard voters! :)

    (yes, you will be tolerated if you want to join the cause and bring god armor & gear (Aya made me do it!) but don't say we didn't warn you about the wear & tear it may cause) :D

    Are you up to mine in order to help other players mine?
  2. Sounds nice, I might be up for it, if I can allocate the time and energy for it! :)
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  3. A great idea! When I started I built a small mining castle/fort in the wastelands. It was a great jumping off place for other miners and a deforestation project. Then someone told me it would be great place to kill a wither. :oops:

    Anyhow, I remember how helpful it was to me to have a safe place when mining. I'd be willing to help with this.
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  4. I'd love to help! Are we just going in to mine out whenever we want or is this going to be a planned thing?
  5. Planned.

    My idea is to determine how many players are willing to help and based on that I'll try and organize some digging/mining events. Who knows, we might be able to combine this and turn it into a semi-public event of some sorts, but it's too early to decide.
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  6. I really dig this event. Lets mine our way to far away lands.
  7. Where was this said? I looked in Facebook, twitter, and their profiles and there wasn't a hint of that.
  8. Check Krysyy's EMC profile.

    I'm happy to learn that the Empire forum outdo's all that 'social' media stuff (nothing personal, no offense, but I am not a big fan of Facebook, Twitter, etc.).


    @nltimv: Wilt u even stoppen als ik bezig ben met een rant tegen zogenaamde social media? Pfff, het lef van sommige mensen... (totaal niet serieus bedoeld! Nice going!!).

    Translation: Ninja'd, nice going! :D

    (yeah, suuure) :p

    (more edits)

    "Would you please stop while I'm busy with a rant against this so called social media? man... the nerve of some people.... (totally not meant seriously.. goed gedaan!).

    Vertaling: Ninja'd, goed gedaan! :D


    I feel evil now :p
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  9. Kryssy's EMC profile status update.
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  10. All three of us posted at the same time...........#Jinks
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  11. I thought this was a resent post, alright carry on
  12. nee :cool:
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  13. For all you US players: nee means yes, so we're fully good here :D

    (ok, that was a lie).

    Sorry but... this brings back memories :p IRC (chatting with only text, no avatars, no special stuff, no video, no nothing). We once tried to educate someone into Dutch language. "Monty Python style". $dutch_swearword1 means "Hi everyone!".

    Jokes like that can work when #1: all the channel regulars are in on it (important!), #2: person does not take a trip to Holland for quite a while (more important!) and #3: we all can take a joke :p

    So now I'm close to derailing my owm thread :p

    VOTERS unite to stand up against this idiocy! :D

    (anything for the cause) :p
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  14. Yeh i bought a voters bow and axe lol

    Im about to buy a voters pick

    The only voters gear thats actually mine is my voters sword and armor lol
  15. I'm most likely going to turn this into an official event soon. My aim is for somewhere next weekend (or beginning of next week). I'll pick a time & date and then we're all set. I already decided which SMP I think we should start with :)

    You can expect a post today or tomorrow in the events forum.
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