[Vote] supporters get nicknames!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by coachy22, Feb 4, 2013.


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yes 11 vote(s) 26.8%
no 30 vote(s) 73.2%
  1. Supporters should get nicknames

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  2. This is pretty vague. Can you give more details? Also, peoples' usernames pretty much are nicknames. And you don't need any special tools to have a nickname - people just call you something other than your real name, and boom you have a nickname.
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  3. I vote no, because it can get confusing to new members on who's who.
  4. I really don't like the idea - mainly for the possibility for people to troll/impersonate others.
  5. Nicknames would be quite a hassle. People would be impersonating others, using inappropriate language in their nicknames and you would never really know who was on if the supporters had nicknames. The list really goes on and on.
  6. What about if the admins were to approve of a nickname before someone used it and then only THEY could use it.
  7. Well what if you wanted your name to be a diffent color like blue!
  8. Put blue glasses on.
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  9. That would be a waste of the administrator's time. They are always very busy, I don't think they would have the time to approve of every supporter who might want a nickname.
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  10. Then you would be confused as a Diamond supporter :)
  11. Long usernames are shortened, so for example, my name is Soul rather than having to type 'SoulPunisher'.
    That is a nickname.
    Having nicknames are also a call for abuse, however
    Justin and Aikar would be able to create something in Square or something where mods can see the names...But this wouldn't work out seeing as normal users can only access this.

    EDIT: It's 11:00PM and i've had a long day - I just reread what I wrote and I can't even understand myself. I'll edit it so it makes sense when I can talk straight.
  12. But what if people had to pay REAL LIFE money to get a nickname?
  13. :( well i rather shut down the thread then get bad comments
  14. My point exactly, it isn't a hassle for the moderators since they can probably figure something out, but it is a hassle for the regular members online.
  15. You started a discussion, nothing wrong with that. These comments aren't geared towards you, we are just discussing the idea. :)
  16. People kind of already do that in making a Minecraft account and buying the game.
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  17. I think the username basically is a nickname. This could lead to many problems, such as impersonating a player and then trying to get people to not like them. As with the color, people pay supporter to get a name in the color of which they support to be noticed in chat. If you could buy any color, no one would pay attention to the specific supporter color, so that perk would be worthless.
  18. I have a nickname its Bilbo or Bill :D
  19. I dont like this, Ima mod on another server where you can choose your name and when I go to ban them it says player dosen't exist and Im like........

    Then I go look up their name on the site and Im like,

    Get off of my server
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  20. I think they should allow you to make one nickname, you shouldn't be able to constantly change it, but you could switch between a single nickname and your real name. I would shorten my name to FirdawZ. If you had endless nicknames it could get confusing, but if you just had one, it should be fine. Another thing they could do is put your real name in parenthesis next to your nick name so you couldn't troll people by pretending to be someone else.