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  1. Hello Everyone!
    I want to suggest a idea that was in my young years.

    What the idea was a void spleef arena which You are given sheers and you play a game of spleef! I thought it was neat of having the ability to see without void fog blocking your view. This will run similar like fire floor but just one more round. I want to place this in smp7 where their isn't so many events are hosted. Any thoughts on this?

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  2. I think its scary.
  3. Well I figured out that when you have the bedrock open to the sun, the fog will disappear. So if we want to start this, it will be a large project mining to bedrock. It can be done only with staff approval. That's why I started this post to get people to like this idea. I am just brain storming, where do you think is the best place to make this?
  4. Lol! I got a good laugh, the nether spleef is falling into a lake of fire, is almost exactly as falling into the void. (If you ever fell into it.) So I don't find it so scary Sopby I am made of steel :p
  5. I have also been thinking of this idea for a while now, but i havent put idea to paper. This is something which could be built in the wild, or even in town. The dirt doesnt necessarily have to be at bedrock either, it can be at street level (62 i believe) and the lot can be empty all the way through to bedrock and losing players can have a few seconds to reflect their loss.
  6. We do have some large lots on smp3 and 4 I believe. I think a spleef arena would be a good addition to the park and graveyard.
  7. If we do this, i'd like it at bedrock level. But nether spleef is about 60x60 So either a empty event plot or wild area will do. ( For equipment, chests, and a spectator booth. This should be talked about a little more before we just go out there and do it. Also, if this is going to be built, I'll lead! :p

    My picture about bedrock no being dark is down below. It's a crater made by TNT in single player; (Don't worry I am no greifer :rolleyes:) As you can tell when the sun hits the bedrock below, it will not be Foggy. Shown by the tunnel.
  8. All lot's are 60x60 ray so like I said, I think we need to do it in the wild.
  9. The large lots which I was speaking of are 120 by 120 I believe. That was why I was suggesting them, you could have stands as well! In the wild, it would get greifed, unless there was a protection around it. I think town would just be easier and more accessible. Just out of curiosity, why bedrock level? It's a long way down to walk. You could have it at ground level and like Shaun said, it'd give the loser a chance to think on the fall down.
  10. No, each server has a special lot. On smp1 it's the graveyard. On smp2 it's the park. smp3 and smp4 don't have an attraction in that large lot. I was just reading an earlier post saying that they would have an attraction in those lots by 2013+. I was justing saying that this could be an ideal solution to what goes into those 120 by 120 lots.

    Edit: Found it! http://empireminecraft.com/threads/special-areas.2268/#post-23263 Crazy comments that they were discussing what could be placed in those lots.
  11. Hmm after thinking about it it does make sense. I'd go with that. Make he/she feel bad and the void would put him out of his/her misery. lol :D
  12. Yeah, it would be a quick fall. A fitting end to the spleefer who tried.:)
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  13. Rayson they already have plans for those lots. They're just not finished yet.
  14. Oh cool! Where did you hear that? Could you post a link to that thread, I'd like to offer to help! We might even be able to convince them to change their minds and put in this arena. I was getting to like this spleef idea. The park on smp2 is quite rubbish, there is really no point to it. Maybe we could renovate it.;)
  15. Good luck with that;)
  16. They are planning Atlantis on smp4, no idea what they are doing on smp3.
  17. Atlantis sounds cool. I'm personally rooting for an amusement park renovation on smp2. So if we want to go for this, we need to go for 3...

    Edit: or 4 depending.
  18. By "2013+" I meant it would be done eventually, though it may or may not be postponed indefinitely. It will be done Before 2013 or after 2013 and anywhere in between, excluding the year 2013 itself... :p
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  19. If you ever need any help speeding up or prolonging that schedule, let me know! I'd be happy to help in any builds for the community!