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  1. so i was thinking after looking at some servers and i noticed only one server had anything good on smp1 they have the graveyard of the banned so i thought "hey what about all servers have somethin special" so this thread is for any idea's of what we can build on each server so just post an idea and what server you would hope it appear's on hopefully some moderators will see this and take it into serious consideration
  2. here's one idea i saw it in the intro or test for you to join
    a space station!!!
    on smp4 please
  3. i was looking through the forums and found this little idea a wait for it here it comes

  4. smp2 has a park...
    though an amusement park does sound a lot cooler.
  5. thanks didn't know that but there is a huge difference
  6. Yeah, I could picture a sprawling roller coaster over the trees!
  7. yeah i saw the thread about it and he's making a ice rink and a water slide as well
  8. We are currently (sort of) discussing what to build on the SMP3 120* and the SMP4 120*

    Expect something in the near future (2013+)