vine safety

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is this a good idea?

yes 18 vote(s) 66.7%
no 2 vote(s) 7.4%
no i love falling to my DOOM! 7 vote(s) 25.9%
  1. have you ever fallen into one of those big greafer holes and got stuck and died
    vines can prevent fall damage and previde a way up and in places like this: 2012-07-28_17.51.58.jpg
    they also block the sight of most mobs
    and they can make those ugly pits look a bit better and there cheap!
  2. bump for feedback:)
  3. Yes I believe so, it has happen to me when I go exploring on the out skirts of LLO
  4. just now i fell and had 1/2 health left
  5. I usually use the utopian wild and there is nothing bad there
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  6. lol it's messed up
  7. Delete it and post it again.. :S
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  8. I watch my step. But it does make the holes look more natural.
  9. I like the idea :) it solves (or at least reduces the problem) of falling and dying without tons of effort.
  10. i like all the positive feedback:D
  11. if you sorpert this put this in you're sig
    vine safty.png
  12. If you wore diamond armour, you wouldn't die. :)
  13. and what about people who DON'T
  14. They should.
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  15. Untrue, I've died in full diamond armor before.
  16. Me too. In lava. In the nether. Stupid ghast. Shot me from. A ledge. I was. Standing on.
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  17. I actually, fell down a hole, and uh... hit the ground...
  18. i have done it 10000000's of times