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  1. I've noticed in the latest snapshot that villagers will now farm wheat and stuff. My question is, what do they do with the stuff they harvest? Does it disappear? Do you have to trade for it? Do you have to punch them in the nose and take it?

    Anyone know?
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  2. They will sometimes give bread to other villagers by throwing it at them.
  3. anyone know why they are not breading in town any more? has something changed either to MC or EMC for this not to happen? res 13131 smp6
  4. They do breed. I can't be online right now, but i can have a look later.

    If it's exactly the same setup you've been using before, and they 'were' breeding. Then the change is likely due to new villagers, or doors somewhere nearby. Or you've placed a block above a door somewhere high that blocks that door from being 'active'.
  5. Well, I was trying to farm villagers too and I noticed the same as you state here.
    Is it still possible to farm villagers in town?
  6. I tried the same setup as before but may be new villagers. trying a few other things now but still not working
    I will be back on later
  7. umm.. ok, i looked and I don't know why they won't breed :)

    Nothing is stopping them.
  8. You can see the changes to the villagers here
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  9. I remember the mass farm beamer91 and i had before entity counts, use to work but not sure right now. If you need some eggs lemme know
  10. Mine are breeding just fine on smp6... :confused: Not sure what might be the issue with yours
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  12. I have been wondering if this new feature can be used to get Villagers to replant crops after an auto harvest. I am picturing auto harvesting with water and Hoppers then villagers picking up seeds from a dispenser and planting them. I don't think this would work well over a large area, but just one villager and a few plants could do a lot over time.

    Has anyone played with this? If you put seeds on tilled ground will they plant them? Will they only plant seeds that they have harvested?

    Regarding breeding - When we were first allowed to breed Villagers after the 1.3 update, they did it a lot faster than they do now. I suspect that Aikar reduced their tick priority or some such thing around the time he did this:

    They still reproduce. I have a breeder that I egg a few from when I think of it. It is not constant though. They have sometimes filled my Entcount and other times I check over and over with no new ones. I think it has to do with how much time I spend in their vicinity while doing other things and maybe what else is going on on the server.
  13. my villagers breed just fine in smp7 town and smp2 wild
  14. It's been done by Zipkrowd just hours after snapshot 14w04 was released. Docm has a automatic wheat farm concept video on his channel. Here's a link to it:
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  15. I see, the new villagers, you have to trade with them for them start breeding or at least it speeds up the process which is now much slower than in the past.
  16. Probably why they added ent count. :p