Villager Trading Mistake Voter's Sword

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  1. I am 95% certain that while trading with my villager I put in my Voter's Sword and converted it to a Knockback I enchanted iron sword. I have checked my vaults and I can't find my Voter's Sword. Since I always keep my Voter's Sword on me and now I have two Knockback swords (1 was the sword i was using for trading) I can only imagine I have destroyed my Voter's Sword :confused:

    Is there anyway you can check a log on this kind of thing and maybe restore my Voter's Sword? I use it almost exclusively and I would be depressing to lose it.

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  2. I found it located in your special items chest (next to your voters certificate). I misplace things all the time as well. Hopefully it won't get misplaced again.
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  3. This reminds me when an EMC staff member gave me fire...I used it. :p This happened a VERY long time ago.
  4. I found it but.... this still leaves one question unanswered.
    how did i get 2 iron swords o_o then ? I only keep one in my trading room with my villager...

    do do do do *now entering... the twilight zone*

    Thanks so much anyway! :D
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  5. In general, what is the policy for recovering lost voting items? If you lose it, it's gone forever, or is it possible to re-earn said items if they are destroyed, by villager trading or resetting reses with chests containing gear, for example?
  6. Senior Staff and/or admins look into each case. If it was found to be by glitch, it can be replaced. Faking it to get a free voters item is punishable by, up to and including, a permanent ban.
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