Villager Trading in every server

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  1. We should have a villager trade in every server that has signs to tell what the villager trades. Then everyone can get what they need for cheaper and enchant items instantly in stead of have to go out and fight for ever and get a crappy enchantment.
  2. This would make enchanting easier.
  3. Your idea isnt needed. Aikar is doing a hell of a job ruining the economy as is:)
  4. Im sorry, you misspelled "Creative Mode"..
    C'mon guys play minecraft the way its supposed to be played if it was like that it would be boring... as crap
  5. That is such a contradictory statement. If you truly wanted to play the "way it was supposed to be played", there would be no "TOWN". You would take fall damage EVERYWHERE. You wouldn't know what plugins such as iConomy were, and we would have no vault. This amazing collection of servers is no way Vanilla Minecraft and the way the game was "Supposed to be played". Not trying to rag on you, but it's nice to see the community come up with ideas. Constructive Criticism makes them want to contribute more and creates an all around better community and atmosphere on the servers.
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  6. But on the servers you still have to do mostly everything your own.. With what he was talking about would be boring... and pointless, and no one would sell anything..
  7. See the Empire's focus isn't to make evreything easier it is to make everything better. Making permanent villager trades for every enchantment would really ruin the game however with the new Minecraft update enchanted books are being added so perhaps they could be added to empire shop to in a way achieve the same thing. Yeah in Vannilla your crops wither from you just walking on them and cactus hurt you and you get fall damage and there is hunger and there a creepers blowing up your stuff 24/7 but wouldn't you all agree that this makes the game better not easier but better? Well yeah it is a bit easier but that's not the point :p Also may I just point out, how many servers have you seen that run Ina a stable environment with a great community plus an awesome website? Most Minecraft servers are in it for the money and do a quick scrap up job of plugins... In EMC the developers care about our experience and understand our struggles as they're ordinary players too.
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  8. :eek: Sorry for the wall of text guys!
  9. I think we should have a villager trading centre in every server, great idea good sir