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  1. Has anyone managed to set up a working villager breeding system? I have tried a few different designs that were working on a creative world as far as I could tell, and couldn't get it working. Did anyone else manage to get breeding working?
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  2. I know of someone who did but that wasn't a public discovery (my discovery was the result of an event I was associated with) and I kinda take privacy very seriously (sometimes too seriously, I know). I'll point their attention to this thread though!

    What I can share (this is hear-say) is that breeding has become a whole lot harder and it's not as profitable as it was on 1.8.

    Hope this can still help for now.
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  3. I didn't see any villager changes in the change log for Minecraft, and many of the tutorials for 1.8 state that the same structures will work in 1.9. I created a breeder in creative and it didn't seem to work on this server.
  4. I tested this one it works.

    It works but you need to be within 12 blocks of the villager. EMC implemented this change to the core code and there's nothing we can do about it. This on top of the fact villagers need to be in the mood to breed (hearts).

    Unless you drop loads of crops on the villagers it will be very slow as villagers don't react as in old 1.7.10
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  5. Aah, well, there have been some changes. The most drastic one is that villagers no longer breed "just like that" but they need to be 'willing'. That happens after you traded with them the first time, after that there's a small chance they become willing again after another trade. Another way is to have their inventory filled with specific items:
    • 3 bread
    • 12 carrots
    • 12 potatoes
    • 12 beetroot
    When a villager has this in his inventory (in one stack) then it can become willing as well. After breeding the food is consumed and you'd need more again. My source of information is this page.
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  6. I will try that design you mentioned. The one I tried, which worked on creative, did not work even though I was right next to the villagers for a long period of time.

    Do you know if the 12 blocks are x and z, or x, y, and z? ie Could the farm be on any y coordinate? I suppose once I get it working I will have to build the farms directly below the shop so players will be close enough to allow breeding.

    Do you have a working version of the design that I can look at?

    Do villagers automatically craft wheat into bread?
  7. I believe (not 100% sure) that the y coordinate does not matter. :) (so you can make it at bedrock/deep in the ground)
  8. According to EMC vanilla changes "Only the X and Z axis are checked. There is no Y axis check, so mobs above and below you are not affected by this."
    But i"m skeptical so I tend to afk like 1 block on top of the village box.
    Yes, but its on a res that has public move off. You can see it from the road if you tp to 9133 and look back.
    Yes, but it become bread when tossed to another villager. Note that it is best to only have 1 farmer in the village and 1 other specialty villager to use as breeder as it seems that 2 farmers or more cancel each other out for some reason.
  9. I went to 9133 and looked across. I only saw two villagers, and none of them were breeding. There weren't any doors in that structure either. Am I looking at the right place?
  10. The doors are 7 blocks under. Look at the video I posted in previous post. Obviously you didn't watch it properly.
  11. emc mucked with the they almost never want to breed. ive given up on trying
  12. So until they fix it, nobody can make villager eggs and the price will go up super high. You have to do this, or else you wont have villager eggs since nobody is going to produce them for so little.

    And when they fix it, a lot of shop owners will all get screwed because they wont announce it until after it's already done and in the meantime a villager egg producer can just go to all the high-priced shops and make a fortune.
  13. I spent weeks testing and working to get a villager breeder on EMC. I built the one Skare linked above, it didn't work. I built another that also did not work. However, I do have a working villager breeder, although it does take quite a few crops dumped into it for it to work correctly. However, it is very fast and produces a ton of villagers. A video I found does the best job explaining how villager breeding works in Minecraft 1.8/1.9, and actually even includes a tutorial world download that has all the same information the video has, and goes a little more in depth than the video. I will link to the video below.

    If you have any questions after watching the video, feel free to ask, I will try my best to help. The tutorial world download is in the video description, and I strongly recommend downloading it and going through it after watching the video.

    After looking at his YouTube channel, he uploaded a new video that shows a more compact villager breeder for 1.9 with a different design. As far as I can tell, both seem to work the same way and have the same output. Which one you choose is up to you. The tutorial world is also updated, so the download in this video description is updated for the new design.

    Edit: Also, the new video does not explain villager mechanics like the old one did, so I recommend watching the 1.8 video above first, then the 1.9 video below.

  14. I have a working Villager breeding area. I haven't used it in a while but I got over 2 DCs of villager eggs I was able to auction off. It was very time consuming.

    If I'm online just ping me and I'll show you the design.
  15. (building this)
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  16. This is the one I've been using. Not time-profitable if I'm standing over it, but I have it in the center of a traffic area and every time I come by there are villagers waiting. (Maybe 5...not dozens). It's like watching a toaster though. Not time profitable by itself.
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  17. How many villagers do you have in there breeding? And how much food do you give them? Cause I have come back to mine with 10-12 villager waiting for me. Then again, I don't know how often I check for villagers, cause mine is in an area that I go to often, but I don't necessarily check the collection area every time I go. :rolleyes:
  18. Nice! I have 75 breeders. I toss potatoes from slash's farm onto them until they're buried.

    I worded my last post poorly... If I stick around they breed at a steady slow rate. It's just not worth waiting on them...better to do other things in the area. :)
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  19. Oh ok, so about twice as many breeders as I have then. I assume then that you must run by the collection area often if your in the area, because it seems like you would have a lot more villagers in collection.

    Are the villagers adults or babies usually when you eggify them? To give an idea of how often I don't collect my villagers, there are usually 5-7 adults with a few babies.
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  20. Usually adults by the time I come by. I'll have to measure the rate at some point.
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