Villager breeding?

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  1. I'm making an attempt at villager breeding for the first time and I have the whole thing setup, they have potatoes and doors and all that. They came near each other and I saw the hearts several times but no babies came out.

    Are they sterile or what's going on?
  2. that's what I am using, on 16583. They keep getting hearts but no babies.
  3. God I laughed SO hard
  4. for some reason, removing the water part and the trapdoor fixed it for me. I am not sure otherwise.
  5. Villager Breeding

    1st) check your mobs amount by doing /entc, if under 100 (depends on your supporter) that's good.
    2nd) make sure there are enough doors and are recognized as a house (check wiki for acceptance)
    3rd) make sure their slots are completely full.. (fill it with bread or wheat, if full they will spit some out)
    4th) make sure you trade with the two villagers at least once (Base parents)
    5th) Sit back and the results should be in most cases instant. (Both need to have their hearts popping otherwise no babies, meaning it may take some extra time if they are not synchronized)

    *important note: villagers will not breed if underground or with no proper light level. Preferably start above ground where the suns shines beautifully. Afterwards move them down.

    I followed these steps and it worked perfectly.

    Extra info:
    Helped 3 other players with the same issue, and all three are having a successful breeding facility.
  6. how do you make sure their slots are full?

    well, the farmer is no longer picking up potatoes so I'm thinking his inventory must be full of them already and I imagine he hands them off to the other villager so his may be full too.
  7. Yep forgot to mention that (re-edited), if they spit some out they are full.

    After that continue to step 4
  8. I'm thinking maybe the doors are the issue? or would you see the hearts if the doors were wrong?
  9. I'm online, on your res at the moment... (one again forgotten point) their hearts are not synchronized, meaning both needs to have their hearts popping up at the same time or at least in the same time lapse . (re-edited)
  10. I came back after being afk for awhile and I had one grown up villager so evidently they had one baby but just one. So I egged that one and going to see what happens now.

    This is kind of confusing.
  11. Okay I checked back and it's working much better now. It's slow but I think that's just because of how mojang changed the mechanics. I made a few modifications to the base model so now more than just one villager spawns.
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  12. Happy to hear, patience is the key to success.
  13. ugh this is so slow. all day they've only bred once. yesterday they bred six times. is this really how it is now?
  14. probability is yes. Villagers mechanics been changed lately in current Minecraft (client), server side may be causing extra slowness due to bandwidth consumption.
  15. mojang has just taken all the fun out of villagers haven't they
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  16. oh geez, I woke up and I had like 30 villagers on my res... guess it picked up after I went afk lol
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  17. sexy :p, patience is the key to success!
  18. they probably just didn't want an audience while they were making love
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