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  1. Hey humans!

    I've been busy with a villager breeder.. but it seems it doesnt work!
    Can someone give me some more info about villager breeder on EMC?
    Or does someone know one that works?

    Help me out please! :D

    - Raiin

    Sorry for my english tho..
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  3. Awesome, thanks!

    I will try that one when Im online again! :D
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  4. I tried that one and couldn't get it to work at all. then I realized it was the 1.8 version. So I found his 1.9 version, made it and could get hearts but it is still not producing. It works for you? Maybe I could see it or you could look at mine?
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  5. I used that one, and its working for me. Its not the fastest villager breeder, but it works! :)
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  6. The 1.8 or 1.9 version?
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  7. 1.8 I believe!
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  8. I tried both variations. Tweaked them. Tried everything and got nothing. Then I made a basic small village in the same place that I was making the fancy ones and with 10 villagers and 10 doors and a small farming area I am getting a bunch. I got 5 in about 20 mins. I'm glad it works for you but I can't seem to make it happen.
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  9. Kind of strange. Maybe there was something strange about the door setup or maybe there was another village in range that was disrupting things. Those are the only things I can think of at the moment.

    In any case, 5 in 20-minutes seems pretty good. :)
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  10. Is there something different about the breeding on this server? I built a breeder in single player that worked beautifully, but will not work at all on this server. Has villager breeding been nerfed on EMC?
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  11. What's the res number? Maybe someone else can take a look and see if there is a mistake.
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  12. You have to be within something like 12 blocks (horizontal only) otherwise they just lag about. Maybe that has something to do with it?
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  13. 12 Blocks? So I can't go anywhere else on my res to do work or anything?
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  14. From the wiki:
    • Mobs, animals, and items that are not in water are frozen if you are not within the following amount of blocks from them:
      • Town: 12 blocks for animals; 16 blocks for monsters and villagers
      • Wild: 12 blocks for animals; 18 blocks for monsters and villagers
      • Nether: 12 blocks for animals; 18 blocks for monsters and villagers
      • End: 12 blocks for animals; 18 blocks for monsters and villagers
      • Wastelands: 12 blocks for animals; 18 blocks for monsters and villagers
    • Items in the water are not affected by these ranges, and should still move provided that a chunk in every direction is loaded.
    • Things such as crop growth on farms are not affected by this.
    • Only the X and Z axis are checked. There is no Y axis check, so mobs above and below you are not affected by this.

    Hope this helps. It had me stumped too :)
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  15. I've actually noticed that the villagers in town only seem to move normally if your within about 5 blocks.
    The ones on my farm seem to twitch forward very slowly if I'm outside that range.
    If I get within 5 blocks they move much faster. Kinda disappointing really.
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  16. Well, just to clarify a bit, I built my villager breeder above y200, and it works if I am on the ground on the next res over, so distance for me has never been an issue. Also, that is the same villager breeder that I used that JP shared above.

    Secondly, villagers do seem to have been messed with a bit on EMC, although I am not sure how (above my pay grade :p). However, my villager breeder works beautifully. A few things to keep in mind though:
    • They do not start breeding right away after giving them food. For me anyways, they take a little while. Usually if I give them food, then leave, they will start producing consistently within a day (if I am in the area).
    • Depending on how many villagers you have, you have to give them a lot of food. Typically, in order to really get them breeding I have to give mine at least an SC of bread loaves (the food I choose to give them).
    • Once they start, they dont stop breeding. For a while. Usually, after doing the above they will give me babies for at least a week, if not longer, and I usually get about 15-25 villagers a day (depends on how much time I spent in the area and how often I egg the babies). They stop breeding once they run out of food to give to each other.
    I can't think of anything else right now, but if anyone wants to look at my breeder, its on SMP7 at /v +i Then just click on the tp sign right above the collection area. Also, feel free to ask me any questions on here or in-game if I am on.
  17. ^

    The breeder has them in water, so they should keep ticking. Crop farms, yeah, slow ticking if you're out of range. As JD mentioned, doesn't seem to be affected by Y-height, just XZ distance.
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  18. Well I've learned something else from this thread.

    I know some people who could use this, including but not limited to myself.

    Cheers to you all! ;)
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  19. Old thread, I know, but might as well post here then making a new one for the same issue.

    I just built one on utopia. Waited for them to grow, activated the village but giving sky access. Almost right away I get 1 then nothing. I get the hearts a lot for both breeders but nothing. Very frustrating when it's works perfectly elsewhere.
    The design I used is this:

  20. Forgot about this thread, good thing I still get alerts for it.

    I have seen multiple breeders like that one, and have tried them. I have never gotten them to work, and the breeder shared above is still the best one to use, in my experience. It is super easy to build and gives me great output. I actually just used it a couple weeks ago, and again, it gave me plenty of baby villagers (I have not tested it in 1.11.2 yet, since we updated, but it should still work since none of the mechanics changed as far as I know).

    You can actually build an auto-farm and have it feed directly into this breeder, if you choose to do so. That will keep the villagers consistently fed and breeding. I prefer just throwing food/crops in when I am running low on villager eggs, personally.