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  2. Going to bump this. Does it seem shorter to anyone? Is this just something with the way the 1.9 client loads and displays cached chunk data? I feel like I'm seeing one chunk less but it's hard to be sure at those distances.
  3. You can check your options and increase the view distance there to ensure you're not limiting yourself there.
  4. One important detail: is the distance simply plain blue / light blueish without anything filled in or is it actually a vague / blurred out landscape?

    The first could be blocklag and the latter... lessee if I can find an example...

    It might not be the best but...

    If you look at the left side of the picture you'll see that the bottom of the ocean continues on and fades out, that's loaded and simply cuts off a bit. On right side of the pictures however it's all light blueish. Clearly cut, also in the background. That's a sign of blocklag (so: the client can load more but is waiting for the server to send data so it can fill in the screen).

    Hope this can help a bit.
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  5. Yeah, I tried resetting it just to make sure the client hadn't stored a bad setting or something.

    It seemed like the server wasn't sending the data. It can be hard to tell what is cached client side and what the server considers within visible range. To help, find a high spot and use F3+A to force the client to flush it's chunk data.

    To me, it seems like it reloads with one less row than it used it, but I don't have a handy before-and-after shot to prove it because I don't usually use F3+A before taking an SS. The extra land that I used to see was maybe client cache.

    In 1.8 I would sometimes use the chunk borders mod and actually count them out. I haven't gotten all of my mods updated to 1.9 so can't check it yet. Might be something easy for a mod to check on since they can fly and stuff :)
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  6. Ok, it's definitely less than it used to be. Confirmed for myself when visiting an area I hadn't been to for a while. The landmarks I use to get my bearings are no longer visible because of the distance. :)
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  7. ...bump...

    edit: To be really, really, clear, I'm only counting 4 chunks viewable in all directions. (One less than it's supposed to be on all sides.)

    It looks like this: 432101234, where 0 is the one I'm in.
    Before 1.9 it was this: 54321012345
  8. its possible our upstream has an issue, as it was just found tonight of another related issue (But for something we arent directly using), but that code could be the culprit. could be doing i < distance instead of i <= distance

    well check into it.
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  9. Thanks for posting this JesusPower2. I was heading back out to my outpost in the frontier tonight with my kids and wondered about this very thing. There was one specific spot that caught my attention that I too was sure it was not all loading as we rode by a mountain on the road we have built out there.

    As you can see from these 3 images the mountain in the distance can be seen from the road, but when we went by it tonight, all I could see was the 2-3 floating blocks in the air just this side of the mountain that appear to be above the clouds in the first two images and barely pokes out the bottom of cloud in bottom pic. I caught myself fiddling with video setting a bit myself, but was in a hurry to proceed on out to outpost, so I chalked it up as something to look into another time. After seeing this thread though I was happy to know I wasn't crazy, and researched where I had taken these pics almost a year ago. While I did not take any pics tonight as we traveled through, it is nice to know it wasn't some setting I may have tweaked the wrong way.

    Also appreciate the quick attention to something such as this Aikar. I know you have a lot going on.
    Keep up the good work :)