[video] Use your Ore Busters! PT. 2!

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  1. Liek if yu kry erytiem ;_;
  2. You just want everyone to use Ore Busters so there are less, and thus worth more.....
  3. Duh... No j/k... Orebusters are quite good, but no one uses them, they should be used for their amazing enchants
  4. I just like seeing people use things that were made to be used :p

    Pt 3 is soon to come. :p
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  5. Have fun with your lapis in the 1.8 update!
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  6. Don't remind me of that :(
  7. what recording software do u use?
  8. Screenflow, Im a mac user though.
    If you use windows try dxtory or fraps.
  9. Well,
    I feel like right now it's a waste of an ore buster, however if there was a way to get a high fortune pick from like dungeon loot, than I would use it all the time lol. :p
  10. Nice

    Btw, how do you do that thing where you move the 9 stacks into a crafting bench without moving down to select them? Never figured that out
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  11. Press 1-9 while you have your mouse over the slot in the crafting table.
  12. oh, that works for tables? how about chests? i'll go try stuff.
  13. It works on just about everything.
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  14. You can hit the number keys, and it will move the item from that slot to where your mouse is.
    Edit: Well I was ninja'ed by quite a bit.
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  15. Hold up, what's wrong about the lapis in 1.8??
  16. Now takes 1-3 lapis per enchant.
  17. Price gonna be raised by like 5-10 r, but I thought it was 1-3 gold, not lapis..
  18. It was
    originally gold, however lapis had no use so they decided it was better.

    Hey Aikar, maybe you could change it to iron to fix the economy. :p
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  19. Not sure if that's possible