[VIDEO] SMP1 Nether Event Summary Video

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  1. The Epic Minecraft Wither Battle that happened in the nether of the Empire Minecraft Server, in a video summary/montage. Youtube made it a bit dark in color, but I think it turned out pretty swell.

    Go Fullscreen so you can spot yourself. Also HD.

    Made by CousinMosquito:

    (Recorded with Fraps, Edited with Sony Vegas Pro 11.0, Song: Helix by Justice)

    Comment on this thread for feedback, or maybe if you just see yourself!
  2. @50 seconds is the highlight of the video
  3. you missed the part when someone destroyed the netherrack bridge to the diamonds then 3 or 4 people fell in and died... one of them had a nether star
  4. Couldn't see it. Because I was dead.
  5. Man it's not hard to spot myself.... Great video!
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  6. lol, I actually got a special thanks?
    thanks lol

    Great video too, edited really well.
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  7. lmao.

    "free diamodns"
  8. Nice quality! What video recording software do you use? Also, I would have gone, but there were 69/60 people logged onto smp1 :p
  9. he uses fraps
  10. Videos from events such as this should so be pinned on EMC's Planet Minecraft slider...

    *hint hint* @IcecreamCow
  11. I saw myself!
  12. I saw meeee
  13. Haha, what is a Planet Minecraft slider?
  14. its one of those little 1/4 sized cheeseburger with planet minecraft in it
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  16. It's like the area where you put the large banner - you're able to put a video there too. :)


    And you can add the video here...

  17. Ahh,

    That's new. Interesting. I put a video a while ago and it like overtook the entire page. Glad they made it into a slider.
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  18. I do have 4 video clips but its horrible :p