[Video] Marrying in Minecraft

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  1. So as you know some of the EMC community decided to get married on EMC which was sort of my inspiration for this video.. xD

    I hope you enjoyed it! :D
    Featuring Ahzeriel and Sonicol1's acting skills and Crazy1800 and xxHitman_Samxx's voices :D
  2. Loved It!:D
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  3. Woo! I loved it :D. Hope you make more. Also Sonic's hurr still looks like a beautimus pumpkin.
  4. Laughed the WHOLE time :D
  5. I guess we were fooling around a bit too much and throwing stuff around to be in the video. :p
  6. :p teheee
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  7. So when do I get my diamonds?
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  8. roo, you have produced yet again another hilarious video....

    "will you marry me?"
    "will I get more diamonds?"
    "Ok then yes"
    that part was the best ^
  9. No, i get all the diamonds :p
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  10. 2:08
    Best looking scene.
    I loved it!
  11. So this is why I found Sonic wearing that skin…
    Great video! :D
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  12. At least my EMC wife was not like that...
    Even if she did marry into wealth xD
  13. Fantastic video! Really enjoyed it!
    :D :D :D
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  14. That was really amazing. I wish i knew how to make videos like that.
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  15. You and me both.
  16. What voice were you? D:
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  17. I was the woman
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  18. You'll never know what I sound like :D
  19. That is really cute! I love it.
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  20. Darn it i missed another xDD LOL i never see you on mumble anymore Nice video though i loved it! :D
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