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  1. If you saw my other topic on this, this is just my point of view video.

    Basically I was in a TNT Tag game with SubZeroExtabyte (100k+ YouTuber) so I recorded my perspective of his video. It's also my first video that isn't a complete editing failure, lol.

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  2. How did you know SubZeroExtabyte?
  3. I didn't, I just found him in the lobby and stalked which game sign he clicked.. :rolleyes:
  4. Yeah, but I mean, how did you know he was a youtuber? Or are you stalking every player?
  5. Quick tip:
    I know what server that is, and on that server, damage indicators are not allowed. I'd suggest removing them. ;)
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  6. I logged in today and was banned, appealed and got insta-unbanned lololo
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  7. the video quality is like that other guy's video......

    also your field of view is so high lol
  8. That's normal +HyperSpeed sensitivity for me and him xD
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  9. Video quality is perfectly fine when I watch at 720p. Must be your resolution?
  10. My FOV is only 85, barely higher than normal. 114 sensitivity is my jam ;3