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  1. I need some ideas for my youtube channel. What are people interested in? I plan on dedicating my channel to MineCraft, CoD, and GTA but mainly MineCraft.

    The ore buster videos seemed to be a hit, but I want a long term video series that I can build onto. Would a Lets Play be interesting? Are minigames such as PvP, survival games or UHC games fun to watch?

    Any ideas I like or I feel like are a good idea will be paid 3,000r. Thanks.
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  2. A video about melons.
  3. Going around on GTA V and messing around or making a series out of things to do on GTA would be a fun thing to do. I would always watch it.
  4. Left out some important info.
    CoD I am a huge tryhard, so I would be going for high killstreak games where I get record amounts of kills. Or custom class challenges with just fun classes and try to do well.

    Im not great at GTA so it would mostly just be trolling and a lot of derping.
  5. Do a minecraft hardcore world. Pick a really interesting seed (survival island, some incredible mix of biomes, villages, or temples, etc.) Lots of room to build there.
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  6. No more destroying orebusters. Please?
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  7. Hmmmmm,ummmm, how about doing something non mainstream or out of the norm...
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  8. No promises
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  9. What system you play GTA on?
  10. A Minecraft survival games series, co-op survival series *nudge nudge I will help :D*, and a modded survival series such as Feed The Beast. EDIT: Also maybe get into sniping on CoD
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  11. Iron ore. Please....?
  12. exactly my point. Do GTA!
  13. Xbox360
    I QS a lot on MW2, but all games after that are blah. I really like FTB, so I was thinking of starting my own server and having a group of people to record with.
    Gold ore?
  14. If ya want we should do some GTA fails/wins I got a recording device, but its not the greatest :p
  15. maybe just highlights of your emc life of how you make money and how you have loads of fun on emc xD
  16. Fine. Have it your way.
  17. Im trying not to associate my channel with EMC because I have swings of interest in EMC, so that would make content not great. I could do it as a 1 or 2 episode thing if that's what you mean.
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  18. Bump, lets get those brains brainstorming
  19. Minecraft with Dbz Mod.
    I been watching UberHaxorNova videos last couple of days very entertaining. Just grab couple of Emc or RL friends and do a Let's Play there. :D
  20. I had a great idea... Do a hardcore series in an amplified terrain world.