[Video Creation] Economic Troubles

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Is Uber_Corq truly the most famous Movie Actor in the Empire?

Yes! 18 vote(s) 69.2%
Certainly! 14 vote(s) 53.8%
Most Definitely! 15 vote(s) 57.7%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Whats this? A thread... From me?... For the first time in forever?

    So Hello Empero-no, I mean Empirans...? I have awoken from such a slumber, my alarm hasn't worked for years apparently. Until something hit me this morning, it might have been a boat, but I'm not exactly sure. And had given me a spark of motivation to create something! It took 7 Gallons of Lard, A whiff of golden hair, and the crying souls of my villagers I've kept in my basement for 3 years. But don't worry; I didn't tear a hole in the universe just yet.

    With the most professional equipment, we all know this generation: Windows Movie Maker.. Along with the most pure editing skills granted to me by a Wizardry Old Man. [He had only asked me to fish up a talking toad for him! Score! ]

    I present to you a visual representation of what I believe can be a wonderful idea on ending the debating issue of our Rupee Economy. (Most knowingly the topic of Inflation)

    Guest Starring: Uber_Corq [The most famous movie actor yet in the Empire, according to his Resume]

    [Don't take anything seriously here pls. kthx.]
  2. first; awesome video! I've seen the South Park episode as well. ;)
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  3. South Park is love. South Park is life.
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  4. This is now my favourite video on the Internet. I'm going to make the video my browser's default home page.
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  5. I can't find the poll for most definitively not.
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  6. He's rich, he's talented, he's got a heart of gold, and he's incredibly good looking, Uber_Corq truly is the whole package.
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  7. I don't think he's the best actor...
  8. He is the most wonderful actor on Earth. He is the moderator equivalent of Nicolas Cage with a beautiful head of flowing, shiny hair. With a perfect face, no plastic surgery required, he is the perfect actor. He was meant to take on this job. Good job, Uber. You fit the role very well.
  9. Kk.
  10. Oh, I love it! The post is really good, and the video is funny too. Good job! :)
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  11. Thank you!
  12. Wait, what're you thanking him for? :confused:
  13. Nͣoͣtͣhͣiͣnͣgͣ, Lͣoͣlͣ.
  14. For making a compliment, so she doesn't have to do it? :p
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  15. Well, I would honestly love to make more videos with Simon's Town since many people enjoyed this so far. I've had many ideas to come in mind, but I just cant create any funny scripts to go with it to make it more enjoyable to watch. Nor do I have the editing skills/programs. Till then I suppose.