[Video] 1.5 Armor Walk In Closet

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  1. A little quick video of showing something I made up today in the 1.5 snapshot :)
    Hope you guys enjoy! If you know how to make this more compact please reply so I can improve this :)

    Thanks for watching!

    P.S.- So this video is gonna be unlisted.. which means only people with the link can see it. I didn't realize I could've made this WAY easier. Chickeneer posted on how to make this more compact. I'll be staying with short films/editing and tutorials... >_<

    Walk in....

    All geared up! :D
  2. Snazzy. I like it! :3
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  3. That's pretty awesome! I didn't know that feature was being added. Now I can be like a superhero walking behind a very large wall and coming out dressed up haha
  4. Very cool/funny videos can be made using that feature lol
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  5. Yeah I agree! I hope there's one that's easier to make since I kinda suck at redstone.
  6. I can make a step by step guide tomorrow if you would like :D
  7. Thanks, but you don't have to. When I say I suck, I mean like, compared to other people who suck I suck. It'd be great for other people though. I'd rather just pay someone :p
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  8. *thinking Iron Man the entire video*
    That looks really cool! Nice work! :)
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  9. ahh yeah I didn't realize this would be great for videos like that! :D Thanks!

    If I make a guide I'll do something like that :p
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  10. Nice :p Love the video of it :) I want one now.
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  11. Would've been slightly cooler to watch if you had been in third-person view instead of first-person view when you walked through your "closet," but otherwise, that was really cool. :)
  12. Avengers final scene.
    Lol... Your voice sounds a lot different then what I expected.
  13. Which was like..? xD
  14. Whats the size of the contraption? I like it, anyways
  15. I can create that and make it more compacted I believe. I've build something like that but for Ender pearls. And its pretty good :) 14 each time you head in.
  16. I'm currently uploading an improved version of this video: it has a 3rd person view, tutorial, and in HD :D
    Just 36 mintues left... >_< for a 4 minute video

  17. Trust me, it's hard to be as bad as me... 15 minutes to build 2x1 door... It took me like an hour last weekend to make this little 5x4 track for a cow to go around and make a on/off switch to stop it when I wanted...You don't even wanna know some of the other stuff... :p You gotta be better than me
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  18. And here is the tutorial :)
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  19. 4x8 in the modified version :D
  20. Nice Video =D