Very very very quick survey — Which SMP is your outpost on? Anyone can answer.

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  1. PLEASE take it. It is 2 very quick questions, takes seconds.

    I've just made a quick survey to see which outposts are where.

    It's two questions:
    • Name of the Outpost.
    • Which SMP it's on.
    Any member of any outpost please do this, I can deal with redundant responses.
    I'd rather have more than one response for the same outpost then miss it's existence.
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  2. SMP2
  3. I'm only gathering data on active outposts, FEI.

    You can also post here if you don't wanna click to the survey for some reason.
  4. SMP5
    Middle Earth (formerly Jackpot Canyon)
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  5. My outpost is on utopia name of the outpost is Chaos Island.
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  7. Smp6
    The Empire Finch Farms

    The Empire Finch City
    (And abandoned city I made ro look like a nuke hit it and left it... hehe)

    The Empire Finch maze

    The Empire Finch Map Art Site.

    All these are separated.
  8. smp8
    Redstone Utopia

    Unknown, lol

    Carthaga <3
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  9. Smp4 carthaga
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  10. Smp7
    Santísima Trinidad (side note: It's hasn't been completely finished yet.)
  11. SMP4 - Carthaga
    SMP8 - Lashington
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  12. Yay! I thought I'd just have to quit, no one was taking the survey! Thanks everyone... and keep em coming.
  13. is no one on smp2? I'm looking for an outpost...
  14. uh, you miss my reply?
  15. I did I'm sorry. are u interested in any new member/do u have a page?
  16. It's just me and SeaSniper78, he's my son, and we haven't done much with it yet. I'm not really looking for any new residents, haven't really figured out what I'm doing with it yet. Mostly just exploring and and learning while we wait to see if anything interesting comes up with the Empire/Land Claim update that is being worked on.
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  17. The Towers of Lyonesse
  18. Carthaga
    SMP4 (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ
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