Vault Voucher!

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  1. I am Auctioning a Vault Voucher!
    Starting Bid: 9k
    Minimum Bid Increment: 9k
    Auction Ending Time: 48 hours after last valid bid
    Pickup location: 2790 on smp1
    Good Luck for the win!
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  2. Lol Enjoy!!
  3. The bid increment is supposed to be 500r sorry XD
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  4. 9500r! ^.^
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  5. No, this is my voucher Aya :p

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  6. grrrr..... u again. 10,500r
  7. Hi there! 11k :)
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  8. like im letting u win. 12k, try that ^.^
  9. Hi Ayan you have won my auction! I will give it to you soon if I see you but I'm sorry I have not given it earlier ive been on vacation for a week and just got back today so when I see you on Minecraft meet me at my plot if I'm on :D
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  10. Instead of waiting to see each other you could make an access sign. Put a sign on top of a chest saying


    That way she can only access that one chest even when you're offline.
  11. np about delay, i also forgot a bit. ill pay u as soon as i get online (in few hours). then u can use access sign or u can also mail it to me (/mail send ayanamikun). mail costs u 50r but if u mail then i pay u back.
  12. i just paid u ^.^
  13. Okay I will go on right now and put down the chest sign thank you for helping me XD I'm new to auctioning ive never done it before this is my first time lol so ill place down the sign thanks for the rupees I needed it :D
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  14. I hope I spelled it right XD but its been placed go ahead to smp1 and do /v kfid6 cuz I don't like using my plot number but use what you would like XD
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  15. u sure u gave me the rupees it wont show lol
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  16. Go on rupee history
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  17. positive:

    as omg said: check ur history, u can find it on my Empire menu.
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  18. soz, but where did u put it? i did see a chest with sign says "nice gift", cant be it (cant open) and i've looked on ur res but no chest with my name on it.

    so pls place something which i can find or mail me the voucher (i also send u pm).

    i get that ur new but u still have to keep ur promises.
  19. Ayan I have a sign in my house that says [ACCESS] AyanamiKun so please check again if u don't see it I will just mail it sorry for all of the fuss
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