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  1. Ok, so i opened my vault to take out my stack of iron blocks, and they were not there. After running around like a chicken with my head cut off looking for them, i opened the vault again, and there they were.
    Is anyone else experiencing this "vanishing" items problem?
  2. Blame Aikar.
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  3. You just got trolled by system.
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  4. I'm with Cordial on this one.
    I also blame Chickeneer!
  5. I am just weird thing i put 64 diamodns in my vault and transfured it and it works... jsut then the diamodns stayed in the vault and in my ender chest then i bought 64 oak saplings and put it in there and then the vault was reset!!! i was not going to take the diamonds i was just gonna burn it in lava
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    But in all seriousness, you might want to talk to Aikar about this. I'm sure he'll be able to figure it out and make a quick fix. :)
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  7. But this is Aikar's fault.
  8. Teh aliens were almost sweet... just then everythign reset!
  9. I haven't used /vault today, but I'd do as Kad says and alert Aikar in a PM.

    This is also no reason to leave EMC Mine, you have to accept that glitches happen.
  10. It is not just that... i have gotten major! server side lag... i was down to 12.0 that is really bad.
  11. I saw a bunch of connection reset spam about an hour ago... on each server...

    Looking into things it looks like the database restarted due to some error.

    were looking into it.

    Mine... This is the first time weve had issues relating to vault since near its release.. EMC has been very stable in terms of bugs lately and been great when it comes to lag recently.

    I'm not sure what you are referencing.
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  12. When was TPS at 12?

    It should not be steady 12.. Spikes happen but those are only for a second.

    We've had 150 players on with 20 TPS before.

    And only a select few servers will do much better than us. We run some of the most optimized CraftBukkit that other servers dont have.

    We run with some features that no other (well than < 10 that I communicate with and share our changes to) has at all.
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  13. Do not speak of such things! We don't want them to know that! :p (Also news to me.)
  14. I have done a little research and found that this server got realy laggy on updates. Herbrin3 is an egxample of something bad that has happenned. I am just going to leave until i can be sure there is no problems in the server.

    I also have had minor block lag when in the nether and around my very distant base in utopia so i am getting a little tired of lag at the moment
  15. Are you sure it's not your Internet connection? I haven't seen the server's tps go lower than 19.9 since last year.
  16. Trolling with that "Blame Aikar for economy/everything" stuff.
    I haven't had any of the issues you're talking about with EMC, only private servers ran between my sister and I or friends and I. It has to be your connection. If you're going to leave until there are no problems on the server then you're going to be gone for a very long time. Stuff is never 100% fixed, as much as I love EMC, I'm not dogging it, I'm just saying, unless we live in the world of Perfect, there will always be glitches, errors etc. Sometimes it's not on EMC's end either, it's on your end.
  17. I don't understand how I got dragged into this...
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  18. No im not saying everything fixed im just saying that the problems like the chest glithes and the vault and block lag those were very very small when i join and now they have costed me 200r... i am not as rich as you think that is like serosuly not good for me!.... i just did another speed test and my internet is still fine Capture.PNG
  19. There never really will be a perfect server. No matter how great the coding or hardware, there will never be a 100% perfect, bug-free server. Herbrin3's case was quite unfortunate, but that was a problem that probably couldn't have been very thoroughly tested on the Stage server. 1.3.1 was the only update I actually saw many issues with, but 1.4 appeared seamless. (To me at least.) Issues will happen here and there, but they are usually fixed quickly. Like Aikar said, the servers have been able to handle around 150 people quite well, so I don't see how you got 12 TPS on what was probably a typical day. I hope you don't leave the Empire because of an intermittent issue like this.
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  20. Unless you spend money as fast as you get it, you should have a nice amount of money. You're gold supporter,, which is 700 a day. 200r isn't that bad. I haven't had the glitches you've named in a while, I used to have them on my old machine, updated and haven't had them. Nobody else has brought these issues up in months. 9 times out of 10 it was player side, not server side.
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