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  1. Below is a reply I made to a suggestion on the preview tab suggested on the "vault" earlier. I saw no results so I copied and pasted it here for thoughts.

    I like that idea well. I was searching the forums to see if the suggestion I wanted to make was posted. I did not come across it so I'm sorry if I missed it. This was so close to what I want to see added that I decided to simply comment on this thread. I hope that's the proper procedure. My suggestion is this, add turn page tabs to the vault(s) like a book. It is very tiresome opening each page separately. Unless I am missing some simple trick.

    Thanks for reading!

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  3. Thank you.... :(
  4. Oh Gawd this would be amazing! I think it is doable, seeing that the /res cpset command has a next page arrow! Even if it took up 1 slot in the vault to get this arrow, it would be amazing!