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  1. Greetings EMCians!

    I've been thinking about a vault feature that might be handy!

    The idea is simple. It's like the /v +mall we got now, but for our vaults. So let's say you own over 20 vault pages (I do ;p) and you need to find a certain block that you know you got in there somewhere but you dont want to endlessly type /vault /vault 2 /vault 3 (etc etc etc).

    So why don't we add /vault +cobblestone or /vault +glass to easily find our materials for us without having to go to big troubles to find what we're looking for?

    Anyone got additions to this idea? or maybe critiques?

  2. you can already rename the vault and do /vault "name"

    but you are correct it would be cool to have a search for a specific item
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  3. I only have 4 vaults and I would love this to no end.
  4. All day every day :):):):):):):)
  5. Good idea!
  6. That sounds awesome. +1
    Maybe when you type the command it comes up with a list of all possible pages that have the specific item ID you are searching for :)
  7. :D Good to hear!

    Let's hope a dev or Aikar sees this fast!
  8. For having 14 vaults full of random stuff this is a HUGE :p help
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  9. Moved this to the Suggestion Box:

    We do not have any current code infrastructure to complete this task at the moment, technically possible but VERY difficult to implement. IF, something like this were done, it would more point you to which vaults contain the searched item. Pulling from that search would be significantly complex, if not impossible by the current setup of the vault system.

    If I can make a recommendation; name your vaults with aliases
  10. Or maybe list all vaults when you type /vault list ?

    and the search idea sounds good as well (=
  11. C
    Currently "/vault info" does this.
  12. bumpy for aikar to see :D
  13. That's a great idea.
  14. bump for just_five_fun :p
  15. If this is possible, I see it working like this.

    You say: /vault +dirt

    A message in chat pops up:
    The following Vaults contain dirt
    1. Vault 12
    2. Vault 14
    3. Vault 56

    Just click the vault # you want to take it from.
  16. Hey, wait. I'm confused now. I thought Eclipsys was talking about the possibility to add tags to your vaults, and then search for those tags. But I see other people thinking that it would be a search method for the items and the blocks in the vaults. What was your intention?
  17. I'm no expert but i think it would take a lot of work to code it to auto retrieve it for you
  18. I like the idea, but with an improvement so we dont have to name every item we want, we can name out blocks certain like, nature,ores,ingots etc. something like this seems a lot more legit :D
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  19. People chose to build off of the original idea. You can actually already add names to your vaults. Type /vault help to learn more.

    There are some very valid suggestions in this thread, that could be implemented. Nothing in the immediate future though.
  20. We already got the abilitie to tag by giving vaults names, but I just end up putting the wrong stuff in the wrong vault which makes it unorderly and chaotic :p

    My suggestion was a /vault +dirt +glass etc etc etc command that will search through your vault pages and come back with the numbers of the vaults in which it has found the item.

    Which would be something like:

    /vault +glass

    Block: Glass
    Found in vault: 1 15 16