Various Tests With The Replay Mod

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  1. Hey all :)

    So, very recently, I've been having fun with the Replay Mod and the various ways in which you can view/record videos using it. In this thread, I'll be putting any videos that I might make and upload from it. Hopefully some will like them ;)

    Oh, and if you want to try the replay mod yourself, you can find it here.
  2. Are we allowed to use this on EMC? :p
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  3. It's on level with the World Downloader mod, where you only "record" what the client can physically "see" and then the videos are rendered out afterwards in single player.
    But I'll speak with chicken about approving it.
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  4. Yeah, I might wanna do some recording with this replay mod. Though I need a separate profile for that. I hope chicken approves it, though to a certain extent like worlddownloader yes.
  5. That would be a cool mod to have
  6. I think this would be fun to use. :)
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  8. how do you record MC on 360*?
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  10. Chin, was this approved??? D:
  11. It would be weird if this turned out to be an unapproved mod and Chin got banned because of it.
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  12. Yes
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  13. Everything is approved if staff don't know about it. :p (it was approved)

    But the latest video caught my eye. Hopefully the Stream Team makes use of that for Mob Arena and such.
  14. They're gonna experiment with it for sure. Looks kick butt Chin.
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  15. It's also thanks to the leader of said team that I even found out about this mod, so it could be quite likely.
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  16. This is going to be so much fun while messing around with UHC footage... I can get my fights and other peoples fights when im up in the spec box.. Jack didn't even tell me about this!
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  17. I need to know how to use Replay Mod. It isn't working and I use MultiMC because I can't put the mod on a separate profile in the Minecraft Launcher. I used forges 1.8.9-, 1.8.9- and 1.8-

    And on the replay mod installation thingy it said I needed 1.8- but MultiMC only goes up to 1.8.9-

    I need help because whenever I use these forge versions from above with the Replay mod as a Loader mod, it always crashes. I need help really bad ;-;