Valentines Day Promo?

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  1. Hey i am new to EMC well like 30 days old xD But i want to know, is there going to be a promo for valentines day? That would be awesome! Reply what you think it will be!
  2. Last year it was a bow that when you shot people it would show hearts off them. With how busy Aikar's been latly it will probably be a new variation of that. Unless Chickeneer codes something for us.
  3. It would be cool if a infinite splash potion could be thrown to make people "heart" like with the cupids bow.
  4. Are old releases ever re-released?
  5. i think a box o cookies would suffice
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  6. The Labor Bench was re-released last as new version of the 2013 one.
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  7. I hope there's like a "Cupids Arrow"- an infinte arrow for the bow :)
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  8. I am hoping for "Cupid's Diaper"...
  9. maybe a rose with knock back? :p or cupids arrow? thats soulbound :p
  10. I know this is off topic, but how good would an ender chest that you wouldn't have to place, just like the labor bench
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  11. \ban blackknight1021 releasing staff info

    Most likely an exact copy of the ol' Valentines Rose, like what happened last few years, and also like what happened with Empire Firework
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  12. Would LOVE that! I use mine 1000 times a day.
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  13. that is souldbound :p but not final so you can rename it :p
  14. I'm pretty sure someone suggested that a while back and a lot of people said no. I mean, you can just rename it and destroy it with anything and it wont break anyway so meh