Utopia, You worry me right now.

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by AmusedStew, Apr 24, 2015.

  1. So, Yes. Utopia worries me.
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  2. >.> <.< I was not there...
  3. I am surprised that the DestroyerExodus kid didn't get himself a punishment considering what he was saying.
  4. I never saw you 0.0
  5. Oh, another one? Very well then, try your best to match SMP8. You will not. We are the masters of weird.
  6. I should have started on 8 cause i am wierd >.> darn you sorting hat.
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  7. This isnt a copy. I stated Utopia worries me NOW, because usually Utopia is very normal.
  8. They are usually very quiet, which I guess is normal.
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  9. Utopia awake
  10. Is there such thing as "normal" on EMC?
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  11. Only on Utopia
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  12. But... Utopia is where the rich supporter-people hang out, right?
    Who cares what people think?
    Yeah, everyone at these parties is a windbag anyway!
    "What a robust mustache you have, Colonel Grumpkin!"
    "Why thank you, Madame Stinkbottom!"

    (bonus points to anyone who got the reference. :p)
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  13. Who doesn't know Sonic the Hedgehog?
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  14. Utopia and normal in the same sentence?! How can it be!
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  15. Since Sonic Boom (the game, not the Saturday morning cartoon lol [also see: "Sonic 06"]), I'm willing to bet a lot of people wish they didn't know him anymore. ^^;

    Anyway, here's your bonus points~
    /pay BlackKnight1021 10000

    ...shoot. I forgot that doesn't work in forums. >w>;
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  16. I'm gonna have nightmares o.o
  17. poor choco
  18. yas pitty me (jk)
  19. My 2 cents? SMP8 is behind this, and BK is into the conspiracy. This is their way to try and take over the Empire. Run, run I say while you still can and got some sanity left in ye!

    (and try to steer clear of the shrubberies, but if you do come across one you might want to grab it just in case we all go Ni!).

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  20. >.> I was born insane...