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  1. Hi there Everyone!

    I have built on my Utopia res a Tunnel Parkour course! It is on the same res as my Maze but the Maze is closed off until the Event night! (http://empireminecraft.com/threads/event-the-maze-runners.44807/)

    However I have decided to open up my Parkour course for everyone to use! So if you want to have a go then please feel free to come over and try your luck!

    /Utopia /v ClareMuss 2 /v 5179

    Also I'd like to thank corruptedsmile for testing it out and solving some issues I had! Thanks corrupted! :)

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  2. Parkour was fun, but the ending was like being punched...
  3. What do you mean? :)
  4. It just shows you the way out, no well done or anything, just get out
  5. ha ha Ok I will make a sign saying Well Done! lol :)
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  6. yey!
  7. Sounds great, parkour! And if corrupted has approved it sounds even better :D
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  8. :o Interesting! I think I need to check that out some time.
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  9. Please do! :)
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  10. Hmm... I think I have heard of that ol' Smiley Man. What did he help you with?
  11. He is the Parkour King of the Empire so I called upon his services to make sure it was possible! lol :)
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  12. Wait. Didn't you actually do it yourself? :p Like, complete the parkour?
  13. I had help making it so I knew it was possible, but no I cant do it myself! lol I quit and got mad before the end! lol :)
  14. Hmmm... I didn't know there was a king of parkour. I created an insane multi-course parkour course just a day or two ago (I had one earlier, but my res got reset), and I don't think I ever remember anyone pointing me to a person who also made parkour courses. I think I should visit him. What server is he on, and what is the residence?

  15. Um, I think I don't get why you quoted me and changed what I said.