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  1. On Monday 1st December at 5pm Empire MineCraft time (10pm GMT) I will be hosting a Maze Runner Event! The object is to simply find your way out of the WICKED maze! If you are one of the first 5 people to exit the Maze you will win a rupee prize! The prizes are as follows :
    1st Prize - 50k
    2nd Prize - 25k
    3rd Prize - 10k
    4th Prize - 5k
    5th Prize - 1k

    The Event will take place on my 2nd res on Utopia /v utopia then /v ClareMuss 2
    Please note that before the Event time my res is closed for obvious reasons! Also on the Event time flags have been disabled for Flying and Ender Pearls.

    I hope all of you can attend and join the fun! If anybody has any questions then please feel free to ask!
    (Also see attached photos)
    ClareMuss :)

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  2. Sounds and looks VERY fun :D
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  3. Well ill be there
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  4. A few people have said they can work out the route from the live map, just to clarify, you cant! I've added blocks so the route cant be worked out unless you are actually in the maze itself! He He He! :)
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  5. I would love to join you, although it's way too late for me :(
    Are you allowed to use speed potions or horses?
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  6. This looks cool, but I'm worried the potential for cheating is quite real, so if you'd like me to supervise - watch from above to catch any cheaters, so you can kick them out of the res/runnings - I'd be willing to. If you don't need the help, however, I'm more than happy to compete instead. :)
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  7. This sounds awesome. :) Not sure if i can make it, but maybe jump through the servers announcing it before you start to remind me :)
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  8. No Potions or Horses no! :)
  9. I think I will deffo take up your offer of the help! People are really thinking outside the box and I am a little worried! lol :) I did think I had everything covered tho! :)
  10. Yes, I will make sure I run through the other servers before the Event starts! :)
  11. *heavy breathing*
    I need this in my life.
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  12. I'll join this for sure. :D *marks on my calendar in my mind*

    I won't cheat though - I can promise that for sure. c:
    Wait... I remember mentioning something about this as sort of a suggestion... but I didn't know if you'd go through with it! That sounds awesome and, again, count me in. :cool:
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  13. I just thought of this but they could use live map :p If you're concerned about this maybe add one layer of any block above your res :D Nvm about this .-. I had a derp
  14. Would be kinda good to read some of the comments be4 posting :p
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  15. You did indeed suggest a Maze Chris and it confirmed for me that it had to be done! :) Glad you can make it! :)
  16. Just to let everyone know I have roofed the whole Maze today so now I'm pretty confident no one can cheat! lol :)