Utopia Residences

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  1. What happens to your Utopia Residences when your supporter rank expires? I've looked at the supporter page and it says you don't keep them, but I see people who aren't supporters anymore visiting their residences, so I'm not sure about this. Thank you for helping!
  2. Indeed, can't believe I overlooked that one myself. I'll file a request for change, I can see how this could be confusing.

    Penguin already answered, but being a supporter involves more than merely an extra residence. You might like my guide on what happens when your voucher expires, this gives a good summary on the changes which you need to keep in mind when you go back to being non-supporter.

    And well, since Penguin mentioned the derelict timer: here are some tips on how to 'fight' the derelict timer.
  3. Unclaimed my Utopia res because there are never really many people on that server, I prefer the other servers :p
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  4. From the little time that I was there, I remember far fewer conversations, but the conversations that did happen were better overall.
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  5. :) Thanks you guys, I was planning on making a huge farm on a utopia plot when I get diamond supporter in a day or 2.