[Utopia Project] Empire Vegas

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  1. Residence /v 5340
    Greetings gentleman(s) and/or lady(ies).
    Welcome to Empire Vegas the small city located in utopia.
    The Empire Vegas has many offers to enjoy, having vacation there and fun.

    This city has:
    "Club" The partying room
    View platforms. To see the Empire Vegas in the sky.
    Hotel. For you to stay and sleep.
    "Kalev" For swimming for does who wish to.
    Subway. Faster to head to the specific location.

    But sadly we went bankrupt and none of the buildings will never see the life of booming business. (Except the building part)
    W.I.P Pics!
    (Hotel was designed in 1.6 Singleplayer)

    Current res look:

  2. *bumps and runs away*
  3. Awesome! Do you want me to make a better logo?
  4. Sure, go ahead.

  5. It's a linked image.
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  6. This looks cool! :D Can I help? :p
  7. Looks splendid!
    I will add to the OP when I'm at home.
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  8. Glad you like it :)
  9. Nothing new fancy progress since I was on vacation for 2 days last week.

    Consider this post as a bump to this thread.
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  10. I like <3
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  11. Looking Good! :D
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  12. New pictures on the main post.
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  13. Place where people can swim and rent private pools. (That's explanation about the point of this structure)
    Suggest a name of it. Please?
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  14. swimming pool?
  15. Brought to you by Introducing (much better) Windows "Vista"
    The chickens (or lets just say hens) operation system.

  16. Same pics on the OP. So meh, bump post.
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  17. Next post will have re-organized on the OP.
  18. Is that the better glass mod?