Utopia - 5066 - Music Shop and Magic Shop

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  1. Temporarily Closed

    I'm taking a little break from minecraft (or at least not logging in everyday), so I've temporarily closed my magic store as takes hours and hours to keep anything in stock, so it will sit mostly empty for now. My other stores will remain open though :)

    Non Supporters can access my shop!

    If you're a non-supporter, you can log into utopia and walk around town, you just can't enter the wilderness or claim a lot. Using the vault on Utopia is free, so you'll only incur a vault fee when you get back to your SMP server.

    I've just added a Music shop and Magic shop to my lot.

    The music shop has records, jukeboxes and noteblocks. there's some of each (except the broken one) but some are in short supply.

    The magic shop has enchanted diamond pickaxes, these are very limited, as I can only produce a few a day, please don't be disappointed if what you want is out of stock. I'm a little bit unsure about pricing. A list of pickaxes and pricing so far:

    * Shop Sign Bug
    Apparently there is a bug with shop signs working with items with three or more enchantments, if you want one of these items, please contact me and we can arrange a sale manually.

    I'll try to keep this up to date, if you think the prices are too high, please send me a message, and I'll take it into consideration.

    My lot is 5066 on utopia, there is a sign with directions near where you spawn. I also have a potion shop, feel free to visit that too :)
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  2. Added some bows today :)

    edit: they didn't last long lol
  3. Added another silk touch pick, this one with unbreaking III and efficiency III
  4. added a new silk touch pick, this one without unbreaking, so half the price :) edit: it's gone now.

    also I now sell blaze rods, buy them individually for 45r or a save and buy in bulk

    I'm also buying iron ingots, will buy individually or by the stack.
  5. Added another 10k silk touch pick today :)
    also a fortune I for 1.5k
  6. Really nice music shop, I bought a copy of each record :D.

    PS awesome castle-wall
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  7. I realy like ur shop
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  8. I also like your shop. I am collecting enchanted stuff :)
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  9. glad you guys like it :)

    awtharok, you must have quite a collection by now :)

    let me know if there's any particular items you want.
  10. Apamment, I will sell you 2 full chest of disks if you like!
  11. how much are you selling them for? and normal chest size or double chest size?

    So far I've just been farming my own and have pretty good stock.
  12. Its A Double Chest I Sell Them For 250 to 100, But Ill Sell Them ALL To You(FULL Double Chest)For Rupees? You Choose How Much Rupees I Sell Them To You:D:);):(:mad::confused::cool::p:eek::oops::rolleyes::D

  13. 250-100 per disk? or for the whole chest? I sell all disks for 95r each in my shop.
  14. No the whole thing. You tell me the price
  15. added some more stock including a fortune II pick :)
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  16. Make some enchanted swords - I need it in the collection. :)
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  17. Blaze rods on sale this weekend, 25r each or a stack for 1280r, come stock up for your shop :D sale ends monday my time when i wake up.

    also added a couple of swords.
  18. tried getting ur infinity bow but it was sold out great store btw :)
  19. that's odd. I must have spelled the item number wrong. I'll have a look.

    edit: sorry it looks like it was sold and i didn't notice.
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  20. make more bows if possible :)