Username Ideas?

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Which username?

ElectricSheep 11 vote(s) 84.6%
Other (Give me suggestions!) 2 vote(s) 15.4%
  1. hey EMC! So I am getting a bit tired of the username flamingpotato42 and I really want to make a new account with a more mature name for the possibility of youtube. I know I already do youtube but I just don't like my usernames I think of lol. I will stay flamingpotato42 on EMC forever though :) Please suggest some cool usernames that don't have to do with any game alone so on a channel I can play any game. So no names like xcreeperx because it is related to MC. Something like Cube is good because I have the freedom to play any game there. Anyways please help me out here with some creativity! The only name that is decent that I can think of is ElectricSheep. Lol what do you guys think on that one? thanks and please leave me some ideas :)
  2. PotatoOnFire?

    edit: ElectricSheep is good =)
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  3. zombieslayer010lover
    Best user evar :cool:
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  4. *takes name ElectricSheep*
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  5. Well I like taking something out of my previous username and something I like for instance my alt is SnowSpecter, Snow comes from one of my favorite series Game of Thrones, and Specter is well NetherSpecter.

    What I suggest for you is taking the last two numbers of your name 4 and 2 change into alphanumeric DB, so now you make a name using the letters DB. Hope this helps :)
  6. gladblaz64

    I took potato and turned it into glados and removed the os to make it glad and not game specific. I found a synonym for flaming (blazing) and got rid of the ing to make it more of a noun. Finally, I added 64 to the end. It is pronounced exactly as it looks. It has very little obvious meaning but sounds kind of cool and is unique.

    wait what?
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  8. MrFlamingPotatoHead
  9. Bump :) Lol thanks for the ideas and please keep em coming :p what about the username SnowStep?
  10. CattleofThunder?
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  11. You gotta think of it this way what do you want to say every time you start a video?
  12. I Like potato and 68 richt Epicpotato68 ?
  13. I have been doing that lately and it helps a lot :)
    Hmm i like thunder sheep :p

    Ideas so far generated:
    Something with the word chunk in it :p
  14. UltricesChunk? I dunno
  15. Lol
  16. ChunkNorris
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  17. Why no include my suggestion :mad:/jk
    I think HotShotShup would be cool to say.
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  18. ChunkyPotato
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