Useful Locked Chest Finder, for Returning Players or Just the Forgetful

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  1. So, first off I apologize if this has been suggested/denied already, I didn't see it in that handy-dandy list. I'm a returning player, that has been away for a long time (Afghanistan) and I've just plain forgotten where all my stuff is! I probably had at least one locked chest on SMP 1-7 and Utopia as I was a supporter before I left. Before I left I lived almost exclusively in the wild. I obviously restarted where I last was in the LLO on smp7. Well most of my house is in ruins, which is cool it just gives me an excuse to start again somewhere else. But this was just ONE of my wild homes on the server and I've totally forgotten where all the other ones were on the other servers as well.

    Here's the gist of the whole thing. I'm tieing up EMC resources by having locked chests in the wild on these servers that I would love to recover and consolidate, but how can I find them? So I suggest just a simple chat command that populates a player specific list of locked chests. A simple text consisting of the server and the coordinates would be fine. I assume the "flag system" already tracks all this data anyway, how else would it know who's allowed where? Anyway I think it would be beneficial for all returning players and those forgetful people out there too! Thanks for your consideration. JR.
  2. Locked chests show up in your rupees log, with coordinates. They also show up in square, so a staff member could find 'em for you, too. If you need help finding the rupees log, or the lock purchase/coordinates, I can assist you further.
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  3. It depends... When did you lock these chests? We had a wilderness reset March (March?) 2012. The entire wilderness was reset, so if your chests were there during that time, they no longer exist.
  4. LLO was built after that.

    The problem is we dont store these locations in a database other than the rupee logs... and the way its stored in the log isnt exactly easily searchable :/
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  5. Oh, didn't see the part about LLO :p
    Thanks Aikar
  6. Uhm mr coder dude.... cant you just uhm make it more easily searchable then?.... *Mind=Blown*
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  7. omg... this is an awesome idea... just... who.... will.MAKE TAH CODE @_@
  8. shavingfoam has that rupee program, im sure someone could modify it to include locked chests too.
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  9. Oh, it's certainly on mister coder dude ToDo-list. Probably way down that dark pit over there where the list ends...
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  10. I don't know if you guys know, but THE aikar replied to my post... **single tear** I ended up using a combo the "rupee list" that just gives coordinates, not the server, and the live map, to see if the landscape looked familiar. I think I had 15 or 16 chests just scattered around the EMC. :)
  11. It was actually pretty cool to see which houses survived and which ones did not. One of my chests was literally just floating over a super deep pit. It's what I get for building such a big basement I guess...
  12. To quote myself from an earlier thread:
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  13. Welcome back! I hope you find all your items!
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  14. CTRL-F?
  15. As in database searchable. Believe it or not, programming languages can't just do CTRL F :p
  16. NUUUU!!!!!! :p
  17. i remember i asked ICC about that once a very long time ago... i've seen it myself, if you go to your rupee history and look through that... i don't know if yours will be there because its been so long? but, i had to look through 15 pages to find it...

    but when you lock a chest, the cords show up on the rupee balance transaction. i've done this a few times when i've lost my base.. lol