URGENT: Panic ! and angry + very sad where are my 4 chest minecarts full with items ?

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  1. Ok, where just starting a transport of chest minecarts. i Do that more so nothing strange.
    The bounce sometimes a few times back, nothing strange. The keepd bouncing back. weird.

    So i runned to the minecart, need todo that by detour route.
    But never seen the minecarts back. Just checked it, no minecarts

    I want my 4 minecarts back with nether stone nrick, it costed my hours of work game or not.
    Im poking the only admin online now, because there stone slabs now gone too.
  2. Note where minecart train of 5 wagons
  3. Posting a thread with this much info won't help. But it seems it's already being taken care of... was a thread needed? There's a good chance someone stole them.
  4. Well, the have not found anything. So, a bit donr with minecraft at this point.
    Spend really sometimes frustrating hours on it for mining, because i did twice with full inventory.
    and now the disapeared into nothing, and lose another 4 chests. Staaf seems to find no trace. am still looking for it.

    Just want the materials back. and know what happend .
    If the where stolen there must be soem trace. SO yes this thread is needed. because still have no answhere.
  5. I'm not sure about storage minecarts, but regular ones break when they take damage. (e.g. Hit it with an arrow, run it into a cactus.) Maybe they were destroyed somehow and the contents spilled out?

    You also mention that the carts were bouncing back. This indicates a collision of some sort. Maybe the carts ran into some pile-up/collision issue near the chunk load boundary of your position?
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  6. It' spossibl;e the minecarts collide on each other when i where running to the entrance to check what bounced them back. But the need to stop then. and not vaporize with all my valuable blocks.

    No blocks where aroun d on the flor. and 4 chests is to much to carry for 1 person.

    It makes it worse that the seems to not find the cars where rezzed. I'm not nuts and lost my items. And then there's no answere. I have no words for it, only things is that i want the blocks back.

    Am afriad i got hit by bug. but that still dont bring the blocks back
  7. First off, your grammar is very hard to understand. I think I know what you're getting at, though. My brother and I set up an automatic chest sorting system with open-ended minecart tracks. The thing is, people are able to get those minecarts off of the tracks and push the minecarts over to their properties where they have permission to open them. Fortunately, my brother and I got our minecarts back with no items stolen. PM a staff member (Senior or Admin) with EXACTLY what went missing, and then search your neighbor's properties to see what you can find.
  8. I don't use minecarts for transport at all, so I have no idea what happened. No offense, but your thread is also really hard to read.
  9. It happen in the frontier nether . and i where almost on top of the mine carts with chests.
    I only walked 40 blocks away from it to get to the point i can access my nether tunnel to check why the bounced back.
    Between that point something happend. Ok. i go try it again with other staff
  10. i refuse to use minecarts for transport because when i was young to emc i had about 3 dc's of mined goods just vanish when they got just out of my entity range cause of a pigman on the tracks
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  11. The thing is, Staff members have little to no control over what happens with chests in the Frontier/Wastelands, and when I asked Aikar (I think it was Aikar) about it a couple years back, I was told the server doesn't have chest logs. It's completely up to you to make secure chests, and the only way to ensure they will be completely safe is to make an access sign like this (Of course, with your name and not mine):
    Access Sign.png
  12. I would only use them to move stuff long distances, and I would remove them immediately after I empty them to prevent despawning.
  13. That is what i always do, and where doing. load the chest then place the cart to push the carts with chests. when am at the end station i unload them one by one to a locked chest close to the track. and i have done this many many times without any big problem. Never seen a pigman that wrecks a mine cart with chest, and i would expect you then see the blocks you can take back.

    But nothing of that where visible. the just vanished. Also i have not spotted any pigman on the track.
  14. i didnt say pigmen wrecked the cart i say they went out of entity range and then vanished. as in no cart/chest/blocks.
    and it wasnt broken because at the time i was the only one on smp6
  15. It's possible that the pile-up happened by a lava pool (as you were in the nether), and all the contents fell into the lava and got incinerated.

    I also know that having the minecart track turn in a way that a fire is on the inside of the turn will break the cart and the contents would then burn/despawn.
  16. Hmm, normally the just stop when the are out of range. at least the do that always so long i use mine carts with chests.
    But that where with 0.7.x and now am using 1.8.4
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  17. Sorry, that problem i have intercepted. no lava in that corner. the rail track is also made at a very low level under the lava. If there where lava i would have died too.

    lost around 5000 nether brick blocks. that's why am :mad: And the opportunity to mine them is only short, and at that location only close before a waste reset. Right now i cannot see a pickaxe anymore :rolleyes:
  18. Did you remove the minecarts from the track?
  19. No. at least 3 vaporized. the 2 other ones (1 chest, 1 avatar) i could drive to my city in frontier and empty.
    But never seen or found the other ones back.

    Did yesterday another test with 3 minecarts, but that did not created the same effect as with 4-5 minecarts

    Just after some sleep checked it again. nothing there.