Upgradable Horses

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  1. One of my favorite parts of EMC is the horses, so I was thinking what is my horses could have an upgrade. For instance I have a very fast horse howver he does not jump very high.If i could upgrade him I would.I say these upgrades should not be cheap Because the people with %140 horses would upgrade them to like 1000 horses and travel at the speed of light.
  2. You can breed horses.
    There are promo horses that have superb stats, so if you breed those with each other or with other great horses, you'll get a horse with good stats.
    There's horse shops already established that sell horses with top-notch stats. If you're prepared to spend money on the upgrades you suggested, why not just visit a horse shop first?
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  3. What he said.
    Link to wiki page: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Horse#Statistics