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    So for a while, EMC's had these updates that we kinda... urm... 'forgot' to announce. Not because they were stuff like "fixed horse taking one heart of damage instead of two", but because they were too small to make a whole thread about. However, we understand that you guys probably want to know about these updates (especially since they can be so epic), so this thread is here to let you know about them all.

    Remember that bug fixes generally won't be shown on this list, unless they were hugely significant, or included another feature. Also, note that some of the updates shown here will be small and seemingly insignificant - but they still deserve the same amount of love that the big guys get!

    This thread will only contain the actual updates, to keep it really easy to find and see them. However, you can talk about all the mini-updates on the discussion thread.
  2. 18th August 2013

    [SUPPORTER UPDATE] Colored Res Messages
    Yellow is a boring color, so supporters can now include color codes in their res enter messages (for a list of color codes, use /colors ingame). The command's still the same though, and if you don't include a color code, it'll just default to yellow. For example, you can now do /res message enter &5IcecreamCow&6 and &5Maxarias&6 like &bPOTATOES&6! - which will show "IcecreamCow and Maxarias like POTATOES!". Note that this feature is only available to Gold and Diamond supporters.

    [SUPPORTER UPDATE] Bed Changes
    Supporters can now actually get into beds! For a while, as a supporter, you'd just get a message saying "Spawn point set" when you right clicked a bed. We've changed this, so supporters can now actually get into beds, allowing sweet dreams, and slightly less awkwardness all round. Note that this only applies to the Frontier, Wastelands and Town worlds during day time - in the End and Nether worlds, you'll just get the old message still. This feature is available to all supporter levels.

    Nether and End Bed Changes
    Supporters have been able to set spawn in the Nether and End for a while now. However, when unsuspecting regular players tried to sleep in one, it would blow up with them in - damaging the environment around them, and possibly killing them. It could also be used for griefing and PvP. Now if non-supporters try and sleep in the Nether or End, they just get a message telling them that they can't, allowing a safe and comfortable retreat from a usually evil monster. Okay, so maybe beds aren't evil monsters, but you get the idea.

    Horse Error Changes
    Horses have gained a little bit of intelligence. Don't worry, they've not become evil mutant aliens like Maxarias, they've just been taught how to say their owner's name. Now if you try and use a horse without being the owner, you'll be told who the owner is. This can be useful if you're trying to work out who's left their horse at spawn, or if the Valens at your wild base is your friend's or not.

    Res Reset Learnt to Eat Animals
    For a while now, many unclaimed reses were full of farm animals, villagers, item frames, and other strange creatures. This is because the Residence system hadn't been taught that animals actually got in the way when building, and actually mattered. Well, it's been given a good talking to, and now understands that it needs to reset everything: including animals. However, we learnt that it is vegetarian, so does so in a completely clean way - meaning mob drops aren't dropped when they're destroyed using SYSTEM's sledge hammer removed. After all, no-one likes finding 20 invincible pigs under their newly claimed res!

    We tamed the Marlix
    Ever since he was released, Marlix had an... unexpected power. He was able to draw you in to him, and drop you. Since Marlix could fly... yeah... see the problem? He was dropping people to their deaths. Well, we've given him a stern talking to, and now he'll just drag himself closer to you on the ground!

    In other, slightly less interesting news...
    • Some database thing was changed, please report any weird issues to Aikar through the medium of song
  3. 18th August 2013 after 5 reboots

    Black name/tutorial fix!
    Some of you may have noticed that the tutorial got slightly borked in the last Mini-Update. For example, the "IcecreamCow completed the tutorial joined the Empire" messages weren't showing up, and newbie's names were black in chat until they were relogged. Well, it turned out that Aikar had accidentally made SYSTEM colorblind. He has since restored it's ability to understand the color white. Let us know if it's still broken, although this will hopefully make it work again... hopefully.
  4. 19th August 2013

    SYSTEM was reported for abuse
    So it turns out that SYSTEM was never taught how to count. It was counting the number of players connecting to the server, but kinda forgot to count the number that disconnected. It's counting stuff (I presume SYSTEM is an advanced calculator or something, the amount of errors that thing makes would make that make sense) has been changed so now it'll care about people leaving it's grasp, and remember to make sure it only kicks people when absolutely needed.
  5. 24th August 2013 - The Economy Ruining Update

    [SUPPORTER UPDATE] Colored Res Messages Now Save After Reboots!
    So turns out that SYSTEM (our friendlyish neighborhood broken calculator) had turned colorblind (again) and wasn't saving the colors on your res messages during reboots. Well, it's had yet another eye test, and is now capable of doing so. I swear, why do we keep this guy around, he never gets it right?... I lied, it's still broken :D

    Res Message Prefixes
    Custom res messages are now also prefixed, so they can no longer be used to do bad stuffs. I know you won't all like this change, but it is necessary to keep things in order, and also means that we can focus on the more important stuff.

    Ex-supporters can now map show
    Ever since the nearly beginning of time (well, EMC time, which is pretty close to the beginning of actual time), Supporters have been able to hide on the live map. Problem was, when their supporter expired, there were left hidden... forever*. Non-supporters are now able to use /map show if they are hidden. Gone are the days where you're left none existent to people that are awesome enough to use the live map!
    *forever does not include contacting staff or renewing Supportership : P

    SYSTEM was a murderer...
    ...but no longer is. Essentially, it was killing peoples horses and pets (like those cute little puppies and kitties) on res resets. It's been told off by one of those animal lookerafter people - and it's promised it no longer will.

    In other, slightly less interesting news...
    • [Slot] will no longer try to scam you on reconnect
    • /p now understands what derelict actually means
    • Tracking between worlds... error... thing... (don't worry, I don't understand it either)
    • The shop system has been taught not to color things it shouldn't be.
  6. 25th August 2013 - I need to post these on time!

    Group-impersonator is no more!
    So it turns out that the group system let you set anyone that was online as the group leader... without their permission. Like, even if they weren't in your group, you could still set you as the leader. *cough* Nick inviting me to 'my own' group *cough*. Groups now have the sense to check the person is already in the group before making them the leader.

    Res Message Prefix Changes - The Drama is Over
    Yay... the update pretty much everyone hated has been un-bad-ified! Prefixes no longer show the name of the res, and are instead a simple >> and << - much prettier! This'll roll out to all existing messages too - so you won't need to update them to see this beautiful change.

    Pretty New Login Message
    The login message is no longer a useless piece of text! It now has the most important info ever: how to vote! Don't worry, we're already aware that it's the best update ever, and because of it, you really want to vote. :p (don't worry, I kid. It's the second best update ever). It also says if your chat status/messages are off too.
  7. 29th August 2013 - The Good Update

    Colored Res Messages are Actually Fixed!
    Insert witty comment here.
  8. 30th August 2013 - LIVESTREAM UPDATE!
    [I think this was pushed out but probably wasn't]

    Destroy Vault Page Names!
    If you feel like being an evil overlord of your vault pages by removing their names, that's now possible! Simply use /vault name [number] to remove it's name. Please note that being an evil overlord to IcecreamCow isn't a good idea.

    Labor Day Promo!
    If you didn't watch the livestream, you're gonna have to wait and see what this is. :p
  9. 30th August 2013... Again
    Same update as above, just I kinda forgot about this

    [THIS IS A REALLY REALLY GOOD UPDATE] Teleport signs can now read!
    If you put a teleport sign on top of a chest that contains a written book, or book and quill, it'll show the text from inside that book! You can only have up to 3 lines per teleport though, as they're not that good at reading. YAY for epic minigames and all the other stuffs this opens up!
    NOTE: This feature is subject to changes.
  10. 7th September 2013 - Lets just pretend this is an actual update...

    Bitemenow15 is now whitelisted on Stage
    Yes, this really is the most important update ever. And yes, we were a little bit short on miniupdates.

    In other, slightly less interesting news:
    • Internal Residence optimizations
  11. Between now, and the last time I remembered to post

    Pistons now don't need +use to be destroyed
    Protip: apparently you don't technically use a piston

    Tutorial Update
    • Someone fixed the many typos
    • /res unstuck now doesn't do evil things
    • More pressure plates actually work now :D
    • We told SYSTEM off for spawning newbies outside of the tutorial building
    • Guests now have italic names instead of black
    RTS Update
    You can now use buttons instead of pressure plates for RTS!

    Site Updates
    • Vote tab on main menu
    • "Become a Supporter" button on the top bar for free players (and mods >_>)
  12. Something else I forgot

    Crafting and Enchanting Tables no longer need +use

    SYSTEM was given a lesson in timekeeping
    It now knows about seconds, and shows them on login messages//p etc.
  13. 6th October 2013 - Site Updates (emc.gs)

    We've got a few cool new public emc.gs links for everyone to use! The first one is pm.emc.gs, which lets you PM create an easy link to directly PM someone. For example, http://pm.emc.gs/Aikar would take me to a page where I can directly PM Aikar, without having to type his name in.

    You can also link directly to your profile by using u.emc.gs. http://u.emc.gs/JackBiggin goes to my profile, for example. This is a great way to tell others about how epicly amazing you are.

    And finally, the referral links are no longer stupidly long! You can now just use ref.emc.gs, so IcecreamCow would tell his friends to join with http://ref.emc.gs/IcecreamCow. Remember, you get a sweet 2000r for each friend that joins EMC using this link. :D
  14. 13th October 2013 - Aikar breaking messing with the site
    Aikar is currently having fun pressing the buttons on the sites settings. Things will probably keep changing for the time being. Once he decides to take a cat eating break, I'll let you know what he's actually changed/broken.

    • Pretty new become a supporter button on sidebar for non supporters
    • Staff no longer are asked to become a supporter...
    • Status updates are shown at the bottom of the homepage (most useful thing ever, I know)
  15. 14th October 2013 - Moar Site Updates
    • Upgrades page has been revamped and is now more gold
    Since I made it, it gets a pretty title. The boooring old vote page has been replaced with a brand new one full of pretty colours and pictures! It also includes my new bestest ever feature called Easy Vote - which basically lets you vote on all sites (except PMC because it's dumb) without leaving the page! You can switch between normal voting and Easy Vote using the obvious texty button thing near the bottom of the page.

    It might be a little bit slow right now, since it's on my hosting, not Aikar's, and mine is like snail speed. As soon as Aikar becomes unafk, then it'll be switched over and will be as fast as an Aikar fast thing.

    Also removed the ability to like the vote page... gratz to the 18 people that did so before I managed. :p
  16. 15th October 2013 - ANOTHER Site Update

    Peoples who are evil and do silly things can now use the easy to understand ban appeal system at http://appeal.emc.gs. This system walks them through how to stop being a bad person be unbanned, and links them to the green person that banned them.

    More stuff may or may not happen involving this.
  17. 16th October 2013

    Ingame Registration!
    Gone are the days when you had to signup on the site. Here are the days... well... where can you can signup ingame! Anyone that joins EMC can now either work out how on earth site signup works signup here, or simply connect and do the same there. Yay for no more "Kicked for random code that makes no sense"! :D

    Site Updates
    • Apparently SMP6 is now amazing or something
    • Proper hand thingy now appears on Vote/Appeal buttons
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