Updated Residence Templates v2.0

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  1. Hello everyone!
    I had downloaded a copy of supereskimo's Updated Residence Templates today, only to find out that the worlds had been corrupted. To remedy this, I made another version for myself, and decided to share this with EMC, for others to use. The purpose is the same, for planning out your residence in creative mode. However, this one has some improvements over the last one, including:
    • SMP and Utopia templates in the same world
    • Properly spaced roads for planning road edits
    • 16 residences of each size (60x60, 120x120)
    Download Link: v2.0 ZIP file on Google Drive
    Questions? Concerns? Improvements? Feel free to comment on this thread, or PM me at pm.emc.gs/wafflecoffee.
    Here are some images.

  2. I use world downloader since it's easier to make changes to what I already have. This will be perfect for planning a new res though. I have a few to do now :p

    Thanks for the link :)
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  3. Does bamboo have anything to do with it.
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  4. It just might at some point :D
  5. Going to poke this thread for those who haven't already seen it.
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  6. Great :)
    Tom and I alredey have a full copy of all our reses, including their biomes and exact locations for our own purpuses, but I can definetly see this being usefull to other people. :)

    I will note to those who don't know, though, that this does not fit every single residence. Spawn reses have large roads on tree sides, but, primairly, my 202, a residence on a straight line of reses from spawn, has two "large roads" on the sides, and no in the front or back. My old residence 1145 was one away from that line, and, with that, was on a group of 8 reses connected only via smaller roads. :)
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  7. I considered including those, as a few of my own residences fall into that exception (4792, 4966, 17965, 17966). However, I wasn't sure if there were any other exceptions, and I figured if I included every exception that I'd end up just re-making the entire Town from scratch :p But if I have the free time, I can probably make another revision :)
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