[UPDATE] Nearing the End of November

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  1. Hey everyone,

    As we near the end of November, I've got just a few updates for you all so everyone stays on the same page. Don't worry, this isn't a big wall of text =P
    Let's get started...

    New Blog Post: Making Map Art
    ItsMeMatheus is well known for his amazing map art skills. In this blog entry, he reveals a nice how-to so that others may make them as well.

    Build Team Re-Assemble
    Thanks to Aikar's amazing work, the stage server is back up and running. The build team projects got a little delayed so look for quite a few somethings from them in December. (spoilers)

    November Poem Contest Ending Soon
    Deadline is November 30th at 11:59 EMC time so get writing!

    Krysyyjane9191 has a life!
    Well sorta anyways...My family is taking a 'escape the extended family' trip out of the country next week so I will be gone November 23rd/24th - December 1st. I WILL have my computer, so please pm me if you have an issue/vouchers that need to be redeemed. I'll try to check it everyday, but it is vacation so there might be a small delay. Invite Aikar to anything that needs IMMEDIATE attention.
    The November Poem Contest winners will be announced December 2nd and the new contest will be posted on the 2nd as well. It will be Holiday themed so start getting in the holiday spirit.
    As a reminder of my not being here, my avatar will have a little note once I am 'on vacation'. If someone is in-game and doesn't visit the forums and needs to get a hold of me, please remind them that I am only available through the forums for this week.
    Thanks and I'll miss you all!
  2. but krysyy ur not supposed to has a life
  3. Hope you enjoy the holidays! Have funn!
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  4. I think some Vacation will be good, get away from EMC, and have a nice break from the computer. If i may ask, where are you heading, like down south or else where? And i hope you have a great time on vacation, and look forward to the new contest coming soon, as well as the updates coming in December.
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  5. Wait, you're saying that there's a world outside of Minecraft?

    I don't believe you.
  6. Krysyy, what is this so called "Life"?
  7. Have fun Jane!
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  8. Sounds good. :) Have a fantastic vacation! :D
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  9. Mexico.
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  10. Krysyy, you're a Minecrafter. You already have ten lives.
  11. Its very nice there, went there 2 years ago to Cozumel Mexico, I am sure you will enjoy it, Very different from where i live haha,
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  12. Waiting for that one person to make this thread not on the same page...
  13. this post made me thing the end was getting reset! lol xD
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  14. In my class a few days back my teacher told me some stories about Mexico... Be careful :eek:
  15. Awesome thanks for the map art guide!!
  16. Don't drink the water. My uncle accidentally took a sip of water in Mexico, he was in the hospital here in America for 2 weeks . . .
  17. Have a great time and thanks for the updates. =D
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  18. No problem! If you (or anyone else) have any questions or need help with creating your own art, just PM me here on the forums!

    Also, I heard this life thingy has great graphics, but the gameplay isn't so good... Guess I'll stick with MC and League