Update comming on 13-Feb-2012 - potential loss of experience points!

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  1. Hello EMC! For the past few weeks I have been working on an update to Experience Points. It is going to include cross-server XP as well as some surprise features that I know many will be grinning about. I plan to release this on Monday (13-Feb-2012).

    When I release this new feature the first server you sign-in on will be your new XP balance. This means you will "lose" any XP you had earned on other servers. Most players have all their XP on one server so this doesn't effect them, but it will effect some. If you have large balances on more than one server I suggest spending the XP on enchantments this weekend!
  2. Awesome, thanks Justin!!!! :D
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  3. Yay! although useless for me :p
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  4. O looky Cha CHING! ;)
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  5. Nice work Justin!
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  6. Wonderful! The server is better then ever, I cant wait to see more in the future :D
  7. I really hope this is what I think it is
  8. Good! but i have alot of exp on utopia and my home server is Smp2 so...
  9. Spend it on one server, and sign-in on the one that has the most when the change happens :)
  10. Just spent my 30 levels and got Unbreaking III, Fortune II, Efficiency III :D Auctioning it now ;)
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  11. You should add a ability to buy XP
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  12. But the exp wil go to the server on wich we hav lik our first res or the first we sign-in after thed change?
  13. This kinda make no sense. Like do u lose your XP if u go on another server? So if I'm level 3 on smp5 let's say, and i go on utopia. Do i lose my XP in smp5?!?!
  14. wait does that mean we could buy xp or I'm lost
  15. The first time u log on when its out will be th xp u have on all other servers so if u have 10 on smp 2 when u go to smp1 u will still have 10
  16. Incorrect.
    If you have 1o on smp1, 20 on smp2, 0 on smp3, 0 on smp4, 0 on smp5, 50 on Utopia, and you sign into smp3 where you have 0, after the update on 13 Feb, you will then have 0 as your base level. So, you would be better off spending your 1o on smp1, 20 on smp2 and logging into Utopia to sit at 50 across the entire Empire on 13 Feb.
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  17. im still confused as to how this is going to work justin :/
  18. Ok.
    You have a character on every single server. Before this update, your character XP is held individually on each server.
    So, in your case, you have residences on smp3 and smp5. You hold XP on both.
    So, if you have level 30 on smp3 and level 10 on smp5, you would spend your XP on smp5 before 13 February and then log in to smp3 on 13 February to set your base level at 30. If you do not spend your XP on smp5, it will be lost.
    Also, if you decide to not spend any XP and then log in to smp5 on 13 February, you will only have 10 levels as your base and will lose the 30 levels on smp3 at that time.
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  19. so AFTER february 13th, you will be able to (say you let your base xp stay in smp3) take xp from another server and put it on the smp3 xp?
  20. How is wat i said incorrect?