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What Prices would you be ok with paying as a Supporter

Poll closed Jul 14, 2014.
10 Supporter | 10 Cosmetic 96 vote(s) 39.0%
10 Supporter | 15 Cosmetic 35 vote(s) 14.2%
15 Supporter | 10 Cosmetic 34 vote(s) 13.8%
15 Supporter | 15 Cosmetic 5 vote(s) 2.0%
One Rank | 20 17 vote(s) 6.9%
One Rank | 25 3 vote(s) 1.2%
One Rank | 30 3 vote(s) 1.2%
I am unable to support the Empire 53 vote(s) 21.5%
  1. What becomes of existing supportership Vouchers under this reworked plan?
    *ones that have not yet been redeemed.
  2. Actually, I do have one question though. Some player purchase & keep Iron supporter rank ( $5) just to not go derelict. Does that mean we would have to pay $10 a month for supporter? That would kinda suck having to pay another extra $5 just to keep reses, and not go derelict.
  3. Honestly - why are we making this change now? If we sit low and out the way, don't make a fuss, make it difficult/impossible for them to actually physically access the site without breaking the T&C of the site.

    I can for sure guarantee Mojang are not going to be paying attention to us, rather the servers with AMG! $500, ADMIN, CREATIVE, KILL PEOPLE LOLOLOLOL plastered all over there site.

    If we do get flagged up and they start going for us then we change the ranks, it's clearly planned out and ready to go, they will give you time.
  4. Voting once a month will also provide that benefit. If that's the only benefit someone's using Iron supporter for, they'd probably be better off just making a habit of voting on a weekly / monthly basis.

    Because it would be within their right to shut down verification for EMC without notice. How much would it suck to try joining EMC one day and find out "Oops, Mojang killed the server!"?
    Then Aikar's left scrambling to make changes, while dozens of players bleed away because they can't play on the servers.
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  5. They would still manage to know what's going on inside the site and could easily block of from registry/ not being able to log in the servers.

    Aikar wants to comply as much as possible to stay lower and possibly avoid any problem.
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  6. They won't do that without first atleast talking to Aikar, it's in there best interest to attempt to stop it before cutting him off.
  7. this is a great idea :)
  8. Everyone needs to keep in mind that they are under the restrictions set forth by Mojang. Starlis aka Aikar is subject to being shut down through litigation if they as a company do not comply with the rules set forth by Mojang.

    With that.. Why risk anything?

    I say let Aikar and the Starlis team make changes as needed to avoid this liability as I'm sure they will with or without our input and we as their community should be grateful that they are getting our input on the front end to assist in making any transition less of an impaction on our favorite MC server.

    What can you do to help Aikar and EMC?

    - Continue to support the servers by voting and participating int he community
    - Continue to post suggestions that comply with the tentative rules set forth by Mojang
    - Contribute tot he polls and post your statements opposing these changes on Twitter or any other forum there is
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  9. What if i have vouchers for diamond gold and iron supporter?
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  10. As previously mentioned, what is going to happen in terms of residences. Will vault pages become unlimited for everyone? Personally I think that 15 Supporter | 10 Cosmetic would be a better choice because for supportership you are getting a slot, which is a large advantage.

    If in the future it is possible to pay for longer periods of time in one for a discount or be able to add money to your 'account' on emc.
  11. Vault pages are not a game altering feature. They are still available to everyone through the use of a vault voucher. I don't see a reason why this has to change, though we will discuss it.

    As for residences, I do not think anything has been decided, but do not speculate. We will notify everyone once we come to a decision that we feel will be best.
  12. I still think allowing Vault and XP transfer between Utopia and the other servers circumvents the EULA especially if gameplay altering perks are allowed in the Wild there.

    I am not necessarily against it especially if separating them would hurt EMC, but as long as these connections exist the server will not truly be separate from the others.
  13. This connection is the problem I see as well. We are working out the possibilities so nothing is set in stone yet, but this has come up.
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  14. I won't speculate but I will say that this server promotes the "play your way" model which is what makes this server so attractive. This server accommodates a variety of different types of gameplay that others servers don't. One of those styles of gameplay is the builder and if for some reason we were limited to one res then that would suck. I guess it might depend on how big that res would be though... walking through this thought I guess one res for all might be okay if the res was much larger. Hmmmm.
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  15. Man, how troublesome..
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  16. No one should be losing their current residences unless they go derelict. Mojang cannot enforce something and expect no grandfather clause.
  17. Honestly, my opinion is that the "per month" supporting opportunity is a bit much. I believe you could get more "flies" with a one-time payment. As an adult, I do struggle with the per month cost (esp. after doing the math x12) and have done one-time donations with other servers because I felt they were worth it. This was my first MP server, and continues (after some 900 days) to be enticing and rewarding for me as a MP server. The lack of gimmicks, childishness, and the outpouring of creativity that makes up Empire continues to bring me back day after day. If there was a one time donation option, I'm confident that I would chose it.

    As far as Mojang is concerned, to change the rules in the middle of the game is called "bait and switch" in the United States. Clearly , they are recognizing where they missed out on cashing in, and are now making it difficult for those who are able to find success in the MP realm. It truly is a shame, but it certainly does not mean demise for servers like Empire.

    Keep your chin up .... there is ALWAYS a way around the red-tape XD.
  18. So the problem with this idea is that it is actually worse to do a one-time payment because it is a bulkier amount of money and most people do not do lump sums like that on a whim. This is why almost everything today is based off a monthly subscription support system.
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  19. What about the res's we already have?
  20. wasn't there a post somewhere that said they can KEEP the things they've already paid for, so, technically, couldn't you let people who have in the past bought diamond/gold keep access to Utopia?
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