[Upcoming Event] The Amazing race

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  1. Hello EMC Community, I have an event that is in the process in the making.

    There are multiple stages in this event.
    Each stage will have puzzles, mazes, parkour, etc, to test your skills in problem solving
    These aren't your average challenges, these will be very difficult
    You will be searching across multiple servers ( Town, Wastelands, or Frontier)( smp1-10 and utopia)
    Disclaimer: There might be sections that have PvE, so having a partner to watch your back might be applicable.
    I would like the Price pool to be 1-10 MILLION Rupees (Rupees, Promos, Supporter vouchers, etc)
    If you would like to join, Please say you will and if you will be a Squad( 4 players), Duo or Solo, who will be in it.
    The only problem with this event would be building.
    Alot of redstone mechanics will be needed.
    Alot of Building ideas or builders will be needed.
    Puzzle makers as well.
    If you would like to donate or help with this project, please PM me on the forums
    ( Payment will be discussed on how much you help, funds are limited at the moment)
    Further Updates will be made for the progress of this project
    NOTICE: If you help with this project you will be automatically expelled from this event.
    Estimated starting of this event: Mid-summer

    If you have any suggestions or ideas, Please comment them and i will credit your idea in the suggestion box.
  2. Hmm I might give this a shot :p
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  3. Update: in transit of building the last phase/finish line. Going from the last phase the to the first phase. Thank you for Tbird1128, HazardousCode, Nixinium55920, The_OP_VILLAGER, and more for listening and helping this project grow. If you would like to donate anything, please message me so you can be added to the Sponsor/Donators list
  4. I’m in might go solo or with gc
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  5. Sweet!
    Do you know when it will be open about? I know u said mid-summer, but any time before that?
    I have a suggestion if it isn't too late already:
    Make an escape room in one of the stages. They are really fun to make.
    I made one on creative a while back, and it was awesome. Things like shooting arrows, falling blocks, lava pits, things you have to jump over, and if you fail, drastic consequences. Stuff like that.

    I like what you are doing! :D :)
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  6. Thank you, i would love to do that. but would that count as pvp and be canceled? i hope to open it before Christmas. Really depends on funding and building of the places and puzzles. would you like to help in the idea aspect? if so please PM ma dude xD. Thanks for the suggestion :D
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  7. Nah, it is more like PvE. You don't fight other players in it. Just the envirnment and stuff.
    I will let you know if I am interested with giving you more ideas ;) Irl is crazy rn and can't do a whole lot MC wise. Love what youre doing! :D
  8. I'll do this i am a solo
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  9. Do you have a donation account set up? I'll put 10k into the prize pool.
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  10. Super dooper ooper looper cool Ariesis! I wouldn't mind volunteering my building skills and I would love it if I could be placed in a squad, but I can go duo if it's preferred! :p
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  11. This sounds fun:D
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  12. if you would like to help building, im in town on smp7 but you will be disqualified if you help with building. As you would know the location of all the builds that would be hidden without hints and puzzles.
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  13. i do please donate to my alt account. i ask this because not many transactions are made so i can clearly see who donates.
  14. you know i say alt acc but didnt give you the name, its kleenexphoenix
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  15. Bump
    Thank you for the kind words AMD suggestions. Shout out to jaqque for listening to me last night. Hope to see you top 10 ;) . But all jokes aside thank you for the support. Other people I would like to shout is originalscuf and Vhourgannox. Thanks guys
  16. Okay, I'm alright with that too :p
    I'll have to see about helping with the building for a bit, as I'm working on a few projects rn (and I'm on break) but if I can get one or two finished then I will. I'll let you know :)
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  17. Thank you for your EMC service :p . Please PM me on forums when you are ready to help!!
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