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Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by AmusedStew, Apr 17, 2015.

  1. I recently saw toto's thread for his upcoming auctions, and I want you guys to have a say. This will be updated frequently as auctions end.


    Please vote for what you want to see next.

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  2. Bump? Not sure proper bump time so I waited 4 hours.

    Would love input on what to auction next, after all you guys are the ones bidding on them. :)
  3. I inspire many.
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  4. Well, so I'm going to respond with double motivations.. uh oh :D

    The official time is 3 hours. Staff decided to take over the minimum bumping time as its used in the forum auctions and make that a general chatting rule. Speaking of which... Hmm, I suddenly noticed a possible issue where our wiki could be outdated. Going to address that next.

    Edit: As happens more often in the weekend I overlook some things, like now. This bumping rule is addressed in the section about forum specific rules. Figured I'd mention it because I also looked in the wrong place at first.

    So yah. Here you have it. Going to look at your poll afterwards :)
  5. The Marketplace rules still say 6 hours, so that thread is outdated. ;)
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  6. so for products, it is now 3 hours as well? :D
  7. Want more feedback, Going to prepare for some random auction now and the one voted here when that auction ends will be next! Quartz Blocks are currently in the lead!
  8. Bump, Quartz is 2 votes ahead of flowers.
  9. imagechart.png
    Bump, here are the current results:

    The one that was cut off was another vote for quartz.
  10. Leaving this bump here
  11. CClosing this poll in about an hour. I will do a new one tomorrow (poll),
  12. The poll was concluded and will be removed momentarily.

    Winner: Quartz Blocks

    Quartz won by one vote against glass, however, I literally just did a quartz blocks auction and someone voted 2x for quartz >_>

    Glass auction will be the next one you see from me.

    Thanks all those that participated. I will set up a new poll after the 8DC of glass are collected which will probably be on the weekend.