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  1. Two sides of the same coin. That's what I always thought of my brother and I. I followed my father's footsteps and became king. My brother felt that our government system was not right and was out to stop it. He has been known to run most of the anti-government actions. He has been wanted for treason for quite a long time now, but now it ends. He walks up to me in shackles, two of my men at his side, escorting him. He is brought down onto his knees in front of my throne and looks at the ground, averting his gaze away from me. It was odd he would turn himself in like this. We both knew what I was going to do -- what I had to do. Before I could call for his execution, I feel a sharp pain in my chest and people start rushing into the room carrying weapons. It was an ambush. My brother was not planning on being executed.
    I watch as the they cause chaos and kill my men. Slowly everything goes dark. I will surely be overthrown now, but I must close my eyes for now. It is over. Two sides of the same coin.
  2. Can I be on the dime?