Underwater Temples

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  1. So I haven't done a bunch of research on the minecraft wiki about underwater temples but after exploring two of them I found some stuff that I thought was cool and thought maybe others found some stuff they wouldn't mind sharing.

    Coolest thing I found so far was a bunch of gold blocks hidden inside the columns. Also found two rooms full of sponge. One cool trick is to use doors underground to make breathing easier, although that's not specific to the temples.

    One thing I haven't figured out though is that when I use a bow and arrow underwater (which I admit I had never really done before now) it doesn't always hit the target. Sometimes it just bounces off the target for some reason. Not sure what's up with that although it would make sense to not have bow and arrow work underwater because of physics.

    oh and obviously you need a silk touch pick to get the sea lantern blocks.

    Anything cool I missed out on?
  2. The reason bows don't work very well is because the water pretty much drags them down. Along with sponges and gold blocks, I have found that enraged monsters spawn above the temples.
  3. It's best to use weapons without any knockback or punch on them.
  4. And when said temple is removed to make farm, those enraged mobs spawn in mid air lol
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  5. Oh one more thing, caden shared with me that if you drink milk it will stop the effects of mining fatigue. I haven't tried it out myself but that is helpful.
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    • Arrows are significantly slowed down when shot in water, similar to real life.
    • In every temple, there are 8 gold blocks in the middle.
    • 3 elder guardians
    • Milk removes any effects (including good ones)
    • You take damage when attacking a guardian when his/her spikes are extended.
      • No damage taken when the spikes are not extended.
    • Their laser beams have a distance of up to 15 blocks.
    • If you are being targeted, go behind a wall or something, the laser will not work if there is a block between the guardian and you.
    • Try to have PS Difficulty 1 when raiding (If you are going for the blocks, at least)
    • Guardians are jerks. If you hide, they will try to find you.
    • Their eye moves.
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  6. that should read 8 gold blocks

    also I learned that not every temple has sponge. i found one temple that had two sponge rooms and one that had no sponge rooms.
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  7. Now that being said, two point-blank shots with a god bow takes out most guardians (dunno about the elder guardian though). Problem is that attacks are dependent on range and line of sight. Punch II typically will not knock them out of range. Neither will knockback II.

    It is humorous though to see them bounce around the place though.
  8. another tip is to ensure to raid the entire temple before leaving. i came upon two already-raided temples today where the sponge room was left intact. not sure if that was done on purpose or not but i imagine they'd want the sponge.
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  9. Does mining fatigue III get applied? If so, how? :confused:
  10. You get mining fatigue when an elder guardian does this freaky illusion thing on your screen.
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  11. When you near an Elder, they appear as a ghost on your screen and give you Mining Fatigue. That's why many people looking to loot the farms rush to kill the Elders first so that they can mine easier.

    Protip: When fighting guardians, you can do two strategies: you can either run straight at it and mash its face (which works quite well, but not as nicely on Elders) or, if you don't want to actually confront it, you can block its laser by putting blocks in your way, such as hiding behind a pillar.
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  12. Thanks, was just watching my brother and he was like "wtf, got mining fatigue" I think he nearly died because he trapped himself xD
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  13. I haven't looked up how to turn a temple into a farm but I completely emptied out a temple of water and the only things that can spawn inside are bats and enderman. It's close to a spawn point and if someone is interested in using it to build a farm just PM me and I'll tell you the location.
  14. The water inside is only step one, then you have to have a... uh... 60x60? (Fogivr me on measurements) box around the farm completely emptied from level 39 to 61. :)
  15. take a video of this?
  16. It is quite funny actually, they spawn and just float in the water. I have killed more enraged mobs making my farm then I would just roaming the wild... then again, I usually just walk past enraged in the wild if I am in a hurry...
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  17. like id rlly like to see a video of an enraged spawning in the air and pausing for a moment then plummeting to his depth
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  18. well they'd be spawning over water, at least that's what i've seen. i guess if i sponged it all out it might be different though.
  19. It is MUCH different. We clearing the temple and water and they just floated for a second then fell.
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