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  1. Thanks for showing interest in our (not) new outpost! On behalf of the people of the underground city, I am posting this thread for others to discover what we have made. Time to get down to business:

    Our history:
    Originally made by Toridesu, NickblockMaster, and CoDe4RiDeR, the outpost prospered and grew. The founders realized that the best and most secure outposts would be underground. That is why the entire outpost exists is a few massive underground rooms. Sadly, things happened and the outpost slowly faded away. Darthin took over most of the leadership after things began to fade and we have been saved going extinction. A few of us still play there and have finished what the founders envisioned.

    What we are now:
    We are a small outpost one smp8 with a lot to offer. We are not a government simulator with complex policies seen in other high profile outposts. Instead, we focus on giving players a safe place to enjoy the wilderness and farm. The best way to describe us is as a luxury outpost for those looking to have a good time and enjoy our resources.

    What we have:
    2 skeleton spawners (1 set up to be a grinder)
    2 cave spider spawners right next to each other set up into one grinder
    Tree farm for every type of tree
    A small farm for standard farmables
    An area for you to build a house
    A rail system connecting the rooms and a nether rail.

    Things in progress:
    A music disk farm
    digging out more rooms
    Moving the auto tree farm piston thing
    Slabbing the area (half of the rooms are slabbed)
    And more!

    Additional information:
    We take security seriously. We were griefed once before and the problem was quickly dealt with and the broken things rebuilt.

    If interested, please fill this out,
    Days on the empire:
    Other outposts you took part in:
    What can you offer to the outpost (generic skills, you will not have a specific job):
    Why do you want to join (More than 1 sentence. I want to know you are committed):
    Additional information?

    You will get a response soon after applying on whether you were accepted.